SBR13: 2007 and Independence (again)

Happy new year and welcome to the first roundup of 2007. This year could be a momentous one for Scottish politics. Is it possible that Labour could lose control of the Scottish parliament, a parliament they only created because they thought they’d be able to dominate in perpetuity? The opinion polls suggest they might but we all know what they say about polls. We’ll know in May. Interesting times.

So what have Scottish bloggers being saying so far in 2007? Here’s our pick of the bunch.

FlyingRodent indulges in the traditional blogger practice of predicting what’s likely to happen in the coming year. Heh.

Hollyrood Watcher also has a go and makes some detailed predictions as to the election outcome.

Mr Eugenides does something really surprising and agrees with the government. No really. Is it a new year or a new universe? In truth, a thoroughly interesting and thought provoking post.

Reactionary Snob does not agree with the government and has a specific problem with one of its number, an Ivan Lewis. No, we hadn’t either. Even at this early stage however, he now appears to be high on the list of candidates for “hypocrite of the year”

Not so long ago, Doctorvee linked to a Labour councillor whose name I can’t remember and have no inclination to look up. The councillor seemed to be under the impression that the roundup is pro-Scottish independence. It seemed to have escaped his attention that what we’re trying to do here, at least in part, is provide links to topics which everyone is talking about. Given the opinion polls, and given the fact that Labour themselves are hyping up the SNP in order to motivate their own base, it’s no surprise that independence is high on the list of topics covered here. We make a deliberate effort to decouple our own political opinions from the process of selecting posts (although I think I’d need a lobotomy before my own personal dislike of Blair’s New Labour could be fully eradicated from these little links).

Anyway, here are a couple of posts especially for the councillor.

First up, David Farrer is concerned that many people have not come to terms with the full implications of Scottish independence.

Handily, James Highman has had a go at explaining what some of those implications might be.

Still on the union, there’s going to be a new political party fighting the Scottish elections. Scottish Voice is the brainchild of millionare businessman Archie Stirling and is going to defend the union. Scottish Political News is not hugely optimistic as to the impact this new party will have.

One more on independence. With the SNP promising a referendum and Labour opposed to holding one, J. Arthur MacNumpty considers the ins and outs.

On to matters international now and Mike Power wonders if the Australian sun has been getting to Norm whose take on Saddam’s execution seems to have slightly missed the point.

Meanwhile, Shuggy takes Johann Hari, another famous recanter, to task over his attitude to Saddam’s execution.

Fellow Aberdeen blogger Mark McDonald has some thoughts on Iraq and New Labour’s authoritarian tendancies. He’s also made some resolutions but he’s not telling us what they are. A sensible plan.

Cassilis demand equaility for short ginger people. There’s a serious point there too.

Over at No Geek is an Island, Will has been celebrating yet another appearance on proper telly. Quite right too as his Webcameraon spoofs were clearly far superior to Sion Simon’s efforts.

And finally, Clairwil had her Christmas ruined. By Bono. The bastard.

And that’s all for this week folks. Please remember to email nominations of next week’s roundup to scottishroundup [at] gmail [dot] com.

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