SBR 15: Celebrating 300 Years of Union

Hello again and welcome to another Scottish Blog Roundup.

This week saw the 300th aniversary of the Act of Union. Gordon at Ranting and Raving has one simple question.

The celebrations may have been decidedly low key, non-existent really,  but bloggers have had plenty to say on the subject.

Neil Craig has a look at what the Union did for us and then has a look to the future

Shuggy looks at the odds of the union surviving.

The Tenement Tory does want to celebrate.

J. Arthur MacNumpty wins the award for best post title.

Bookdrunk raises an intersting question on the legality, or otherwise, of the SNP’s proposed referendum on independence.

Holyrood Chronicles is the place to go for informed analysis of Scottish politics. Peter Riddell of the Times might want to drop by occassionally.

Moving on to other Scottish political issues now, Clairwil has discovered the blog of the Labour councillor whose name I couldn’t remember the other week. She’s not impressed. (The post is only slightly tarnished by the suggestion that the SBR is run by “lovely boys”. The words of someone who has never met us, I fear.  Much appreciated all the same.)

Ridiculous Politics raises the dreaded issue of poolside footwear. Are the SNP really fans of the flip flop?

Meanwhile, Davie Hutchison highlights Labour council leader Jim McCabe’s rather cavilier attitude to the smoking ban. He’s even managed to unite FOREST (hurray for smoking!) and ASH (boo to smoking!) against him. Reactionary snob has more, well, reaction and there’s more still on Scottish Political News.

On to wider issues now as Osama Saeed points out that Richard Littlejohn is not nearly as clever as he thinks he is. That’s not news admittedly but it’s worth taking the time to read the post all the same. Next, week, I have it on good authority that Littlebrain be insulting all protestants by defining them as “the people who brought you the IRA”.

Our own doctorvee has managed to say some interesting things about the whole Big Brother broohaha. That’s not something many  mainstream commentators have managed. Naked Blog, as well as having the dubious pleasure of being right up there in searches for “Jade Goody Naked”, writes a post in defence of the girl. I suspect Mr Eugenides will not be following suit.

Back over to rhetorically speaking now, where Bookdrunk investigate the links between sex and pizza. That post also wins a new award for attracting possibly the longest, most baffling anonymous comment in the whole history of blogging. Crikey!

Cassilis has been thinking about progressive attitudes to taxation and government spending in a post which is more interesting than I’ve managed to make it sound

And finally, here’s Colin on the wonder that is the deep fried Mars bar. To all those doubters from other countries, no, it really isn’t an urban myth.

That’s it for this week. Doctorvee, who does much more and really deserves most of the credit for the SBR, may be doing it next week or it might be time to invite a guest host. Either way, we still want your nominations. Get those email in to scottishroundup [at] gmail [dot] com

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