SBR 16: What is the Court of Session anyway? And what do muddy pies have to do with it?

Welcome to this week’s Scottish Blog Roundup. In the absence of your usual hosts (who are taking a well-deserved week off), you have to put up with me as a guest-blogger.

It has been an interesting week in Scottish politics and it is clear that matters are intensifying in preparation for the elections. If, of course, the elections take place. The Court of Session judgement on the voting rights of prisoners has provoked Mr Eugenides, Devil’s Kitchen (I know, he’s moved down south but he obviously still takes an interest), Freedom and Whisky and the Select Society into flippancy about the prospect (but, hey, flippancy can be good) while Shuggy is less than sanguine about prisoners’ rights.

This has also been the week in which the national bard is celebrated. But the Scottish blogging community has been a bit backwards about coming forward. Just as well that Ranting’n’Raving and Select Society have kept up with tradition, assisted from down under by Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe. I regret to say that Dr Vee has disgraced himself, not only by failing to recognise ‘To a Haggis’ but also by dismissing the Scots language as ‘essentially slang’. See students nowadays…

To revert to political developments, Scottish Political News introduces us to the novel concept of ‘sticky mud’, a substance with which the First Minister is becoming intimately acquainted. Mr Eugenides recounts the fascinating tale of Annabel Goldie and the canteen pie. And as for the LibDems, neither J Arthur MacN nor Ridiculous Politics seems disposed to believe their claims of ideological purity. HolyroodBelle (no relation) at World of Jack gives us a pictorial comment on the First Minister’s travails – which makes a nice change.

Scottish Political News has also discovered a new toy. Just enter in your polling predictions and it will generate the parliamentary numbers. I hesitate to give any additional publicity to the PR consultants responsible but you will find it via SPN.

Meanwhile Sarah of Whoopdedoo manages to encapsulate the Edinburgh social scene in a single sentence: ‘I have little respect for the people of Edinburgh who shop in Sainsbury, because really, if you were all that, you’d be shopping in Waitrose now, wouldn’t you?’ A brilliant apercu. This girl will go far.

Clairwil offers hope for bloggers everywhere. If she can find sufficient inspiration reading Metro on a bus to deliver the last word on the wretched Jade, then there can be no excuses for the rest of us. And I don’t believe her when she says that she’s an old bag.

Finally, a note of sadness. Cassilis has decided to hang up his keyboard. His final post is well worth reading. Regardless of his remarks about the quality of his writing, I for one will miss his contributions. The Scottish blogosphere is not so well-endowed that it can afford to lose a blogger of his ability. I hope that he will feel able to return to blogging when it suits him.

Nominations for next week, please, to scottishroundup [at] gmail [dot] com.

That’s all for this week. It’s been fun; my thanks to Dr Vee and Curious Hamster for the opportunity. Ta ta for now! HW

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