February 2007

SBR 20: Xenophobes on one side, fearties on the other

Good morning, and welcome to this week’s roundup. Something I’ve noticed quite a lot recently is that a lot of big stories (particularly to do with the SNP) happen on a Sunday — after the roundup has been posted! This week was no different, and Jamie Stone’s X-word feels as though, in some ways, it […]

SBR 19: The Blogosphere Is Hopping Mad

Hello and welcome to this rather late edition of the Scottish Blogging Round Up. In my defence all technology hates me and I had rather a time joining up. Still I’m here now, my name is Clairwil. Now lets get down to business. On almost every blog I’ve visited this week someone seems to be hopping mad […]

SBR 18: Party Funding and other Matters of State

Hello and welcome to the 18th edition of the SBR. Lot’s of good stuff as usual and here it all is. Mr Eugenides makes a rather good point concerning state funding of political parties and the BNP’s election campaign. Reactionary Snob expands on the issue as does Shuggy. The differences between the English and Scottish […]

SBR17: Where is Jack? And a scramble for the front row seats

Wow, 17 is a high number. How are you all doing? Welcome to this week’s roundup. Hope you enjoy it. Davie Hutchison wants to know, where is Jack McConnell? Labour are absent in more ways than one. Tartan Hero wanted to know what Labour has done for his area. Remarkably, this SNP member agrees with […]