SBR17: Where is Jack? And a scramble for the front row seats

Wow, 17 is a high number. How are you all doing? Welcome to this week’s roundup. Hope you enjoy it.

Davie Hutchison wants to know, where is Jack McConnell? Labour are absent in more ways than one. Tartan Hero wanted to know what Labour has done for his area. Remarkably, this SNP member agrees with Labour!

Disagreements can be found between Jackie Ashley and Mr Eugenides. Mr E would quite like to see Tony Blair led away in handcuffs. It is an exciting prospect, isn’t it? CuriousHamster says, “Those of a sensitive disposition may want to look away now.” To which KeirHardiesCap in the comments replies, “No, we want to watch.”

Meanwhile, Mark McDonald is unimpressed with Tony Wright. Mr Wright has called for the Cash for Honours investigation to be halted! If that happened there would probably be riots.

On the issue of Catholic adoption agencies, Will P would rather that the Catholic church and the LGBT community (of which Will P is part) just agreed to disagree. Meanwhile, Flying Rodent is relieved to see that:

Britain’s homosexuals have refused to allow the Catholic Church to raise their children.

Who knows what depraved antics these sacramental deviants get up to behind closed doors – just to think of them anointing and liturgising in front of the eyes of an innocent child makes me sick to my stomach.

On a slightly related note, Bishop Hill has considered what he thinks are the three types of liberalism.

There is a promising new blog called Scotswahey! This week its author, Giles, has done a bit of homework to see how much the Scottish Parliament would sell for. He makes a surprising discovery! I reckon this will be a blog to keep an eye on.

It is a common criticism made north of the border: the media has a heavy English bias. Y is a vowel, live with it reckons that the media isn’t just biased towards England; it’s biased towards south east England, and ignores the north of England as much as it ignores Scotland.

Elsewhere in the world of the media, Holyrood Watcher laments the current state of BBC Scotland’s Holyrood Live programme. I don’t watch it often, but it has to be said that it’s not the same without Iain Macwhirter.

Still on the media, Bookdrunk brilliantly demolishes ITV News’ so-called “exclusive” story that Downing Street has a secret email system. It’s about as secret as Hotmail.

Holyrood Watcher notes that you probably shouldn’t take advice from Tony McNulty if you see somebody being mugged.

Alister at Perspective revisits the Scottish Conservative Party’s logo. He wonders if it could lose both the Tories and the Greens votes.

Scottish Political News has a look at the Conservative Party’s transport policies, and isn’t terribly impressed.

Some fine Photoshopping work at World of Jack.

Kezia Dugdale tries to work out why she didn’t vote in elections while she was a student. She reckons lowering the voting age to 16 could be the answer. We economists know that voting is a waste of time anyway.

This isn’t strictly a blog, although I did say that the Scottish Blogging Roundup wouldn’t focus just on blogs, but on interesting internet-based commentary in general. So check out Anyone But Labour, a rather self-explanatory website with a mainly Scottish focus.

Elsewhere in non blog land, the commenters at are beginning to hit back against all those people who persist on blaming the same railway companies for everything that goes wrong on the network.

The Scottish Patient derides the Daily Record PM — they can’t even give it away for free, apparently. Myself, I was actually wondering if it had become free yet. Great advertising.

Osama Saeed takes a look at a vicious killer that takes as many per day as the 7/7 bombings did. Meanwhile Councillor Andrew Burns is shocked by another big killer. If it had been anything else “there would have been political uproar.”

Robert Sharp at the, uh, Sharpener asks why the libertarian right is so silent on the issue of Palestine. Sharp reckons it would usually ring all of the libertarian bells.

Iain Dale (no, not that one) over at new blog Anything Caron can do tells us what gets on his (Prest)wick.

Caron herself is worried about this latest bird flu breakout. Philo at The Select Society doesn’t seem so worried. He has found an easy solution to the bird flu crisis. Funny how there’s a much more muted reaction this time round than the Cellardyke relative non-event.

It’s not very political, but I want to draw your attention to the simply fantastic Bloodbus, the story of a Glasgow bus driver. This is such a well-written blog; I laugh like a drain every time there is a new post. And those illustrations! Brilliant stuff.

I know what you’re thinking. I haven’t mentioned a certain person. Well I’m determined not to mention him on these pages because I’d rather keep things neutral-ish around here. Also, a bit like Clairwil, it’s all becoming a bit too intense for me. All I will say is follow the great man’s advice himself and search for “Councillor Terry Kelly” in Google. The results are illuminating.

You know where to look for my opinion on this, and that is my blog at doctorvee. (I just wanted to get that plug in because I reckon it’s been my best week for blogging in ages and I’m a bit upset that none of it can be featured since I’m doing the roundup this week!)

Right, looks like that’s it for this week. Many thanks for your suggestions this week. Please do keep them coming, because I’m always keen on getting more variety on these pages. As always, you can nominate blogs and posts by emailing us at scottishroundup [at] gmail [dot] com. All going well, CuriousHamster will be doing next week’s roundup. Seeya later!


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