SBR 19: The Blogosphere Is Hopping Mad

Hello and welcome to this rather late edition of the Scottish Blogging Round Up. In my defence all technology hates me and I had rather a time joining up. Still I’m here now, my name is Clairwil. Now lets get down to business.

On almost every blog I’ve visited this week someone seems to be hopping mad about something or at least a bit cheesed off. Shuggy has had his fill of ‘Braveheart shit’ for a good decade or so, Osama Saeed  finds the Tories wanting and Tartan Hero  is gnashing his teeth at the Lib Dems.

The other constant trial of modern life that we laughingly to refer to as a public transport ‘system’, has Caron of West Lothian despairing. Incidentally are railway staff trained to be so hostile to the idea of customer service or is it mere coincidence that led Scotland’s rudest people to seek employment on the railways?

Still on travel, Scots and Independent brings us disturbing news of our rulers latest plans to stick their beaks into our business. Is nowhere and nothing private?

Bloody travel has Mr Eugenides shaking his fist at the sky. Not his own travels mind, but those of one Eric Joyce MP who has clocked up an impressive £44,985 in travel expenses last year. I hesitate to chip in with my own opinion but as one of the mugs paying the tab for this, might I suggest that Mr Joyce checks out the great deals on the Easy Jet website, before there is a bloody uprising. A most impressive rant, with a special mention to the first comment beneath the post.

Mike Power  seethes as his his new Mac languishes in a parcel depot in Edinburgh. Why? Oh it’s just that UPS have trouble delivering to that remote and inaccessible third largest city in Scotland, a mere 170 miles from Edinburgh. One wonders if they made their difficulties getting north of Edinburgh known when bidding for the delivery contract. Somehow I doubt it.

Dave Farrer has more about The Sunday Times website and the absence of it’s Scotland section. Perhaps the person running the Times website is my childhood pen friend who expressed total amazement that we had electricity in Scotland. I do hope not, the shock of finding out we have internet access could kill them.  

You might of noticed we have an election coming up this year. Several blogs have been looking at one of the few candidates engaging with the ‘netroots’ . SNP Tactical Voting is impressed and suggests he might be the ideal protest vote. Scottish Political News doesn’t rate his chances much, arguing that his campaign is unlikely to catch on with the public. Deacon Barry see’s the May elections and his campaign as an interesting test of Scottish Bloggers muscle.  You might be wondering who ‘he’ is, let me introduce you to one Mr Duncan Thorp. Drop in on him and make your own minds up.

Still keeping a beady eye on the May elections, Will P gives us his assessment of the independent candidates standing for election, including the aforementioned Duncan Thorp.

Now for the funny lighthearted bit at the end or near it. Go marvel at World Of Jack’s hat trick, here, here and here.  A Bhoy in Leith  treats us with his take on the comic genius Vladimir Romanov’s latest routine. I have little interest in football but I do like a character and our Mr Romanov is fast replacing Mr Mourinho in my affections. Perhaps they could co-host a chat show once they retire from football.

Finally, the Flying Rodent brings disturbing news of Britain’s spreading stupidity epidemic. We must treat this disturbing news as a joke to avoid mass suicides.

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