SBR 24: Trident, the budget and… RSS

WordPress issues have been a bit of a pain whenever we’ve had a guest editor here (that’s why guests’ contributions are sometimes late). This week we’ve decided just to skip all of that bother, and I have been emailed this week’s roundup and pasted it below. It has been written by Shuggy. Many thanks to him for doing this week’s roundup!

Greetings all and welcome to the Scottish Blogging Roundup for this week. In my case, can’t really claim it as a ’roundup’ as such; more just a few things that caught my attention.

First up is Curious Hamster who has been asking how getting brand new shiny nukes here is compatible with our position as signatories of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty. It’s a reasonable question and Mr Hamster seems a little put out – miffed, you could even say – that he hasn’t received an answer to it. My own view would be that it’s a mistake to take it so personally; it may simply be because there isn’t one.

Gus at 1820 isn’t too keen on renewing Trident either but the post I want to draw your attention to is one where he deals with the PM’s response to George Matthewson’s endorsement for independence:

“Bambi’s furious. This was supposed to be another one of those moment where he ‘personally’ goes and takes the thing by the scruff of the neck and sorts out the campaign. It’s how he likes to act.

“You talk to real businesses, talk to the types of people I have just been addressing, and look at the impact of separation on real businesses and real families” he squealed yesterday.

What, the Royal Bank of Scotland isn’t a real business? I mean they’re charlatan cheating scumbag capitalist bankers like the rest of them, but they’re a real business aren’t they?

In fact they’re the world’s fifth biggest bank.”

Which is pretty big. It is worth more than Coca-Cola. This would qualify it as a ‘real business’ by most people’s definition. The real thing, you could even say. Sorry.

Meanwhile, Doctorvee has been pre-occupied with other matters:

“I have been thinking a little bit about RSS recently…I have had an up and down relationship with RSS.”

It’s when you are this stage, you should stop to think, “But what has become of me?

On another tack, the Reactionary Snob describes the government’s latest raising of the school leaving age wheeze as “absolutely f***ing bonkers”. A reasonable assessment, in my view.

Ian Hamilton has a post by Angus MacNeil MP, which is worth reading. For those who might be unaware, he is the MP who first raised the questions that led to this government’s present “loans-for-gongs” embarrassment.

Finally, the Flying Rodent on the national pastime of feeling persecuted after Budget Day:

“The Chancellor’s a slippery little toad and no mistake, but he could’ve given us each a hot air balloon full of high-class prostitutes and we’d still have called him a cad and a f***faced oaf. Complaining is the national pastime, and on such days the average Briton spends an average of six hours whining like a fork scraped across a plate.”

Yes but this one was bad enough to be worth complaining about, surely?

I’ll just add a couple of wee notes. Firstly, BBC Scotland’s political editor Brian Taylor will be blogging in the run up to the election as part of the BBC’s Election 07 blog.

Also, keep an eye out for Holyrood 2007. It’s not live yet, but I’ve heard a few bits and pieces about it and it sounds like it could be worth a look. No idea when it will be launching yet, but it will probably be soon.

We will be back to normal at last next week, as I will actually have the time to write a roundup. Hooray! But please remember that I’d still love to get some more suggestions in, so send an email to if you find anything interesting over the week. Seeya later!


  1. I hope you get the technical details sorted out soon. The round up is slipping in its usual standards of a good comprehensive review of the week’s postings

  2. Don’t worry Grant. I know the past couple of roundups have been on the short side. But as I said, I should be able to devote a bit more time to the roundup from now on.

    Part of the idea of having guest contributors is to represent a variety of approaches to looking at Scottish blogging — although I recognise that some may prefer a similar format to appear each week.

    I have some ideas about the future of the roundup though, so stay tuned for that.