Some changes on the way (+ suggestions wanted)

Okay, so I’ve decided to move away from I mentioned some of the difficulties that it was causing for a blog like this, so I’m going to give the roundup its own website.

I also see this as a bit of an opportunity to change Scottish Blogging Roundup’s name, as I’ve got the impression that the name hasn’t really caught on. It is pretty clunky, and I usually refer to it just as the ’roundup’ or ‘SBR’, while others call it still other things. ‘Scottish Blogging Roundup’ is just too many syllables and letters for us lazy interwebs folk.

So, are there any suggestions as to a new name? ‘Scotblogs’ has been suggested, but I’m not sure about that. It is a little bit close to the already existing (and excellent) Scottish Blogs.

Also, any ideas for new features? I’m thinking of doing roundups dedicated to certain kinds of blogs. For instance, some time before the election I will take a look at politicians’ blogs. Any ideas for other features? I think as the election nears we might go for having more than one roundup per week, as the amount of blogging will obviously increase and the news will be changing all the time. Please do suggest away in the comments!

Don’t forget also that the roundup benefits from your suggestions. If you send us a suggestion to be included in the roundup — even if it is your own — it will almost certainly be included. Also, suggestions for potential guest editors (even if it is yourself) are welcome.


  1. I would be hesitant with regard to messing about with what has become an established part of the Scottish blogosphere. I don’t know what the visitor stats are like but, from my point of view, we get a reasonably representative view of the Scottish political week as seen on the interwebs and it is a regular feature of my Sundays.

  2. HW, that is partly the thing. Because we’re on I have to make do with the basic stats package that comes with it. Moving to its own website would allow me to use a better one.

    But from what I can tell, it is visited by just over 100 people (the record is 129) on a Sunday, a few more on Monday, but it tails off throughout the rest of the week (for obvious reasons).

    It’s not easy for a blog to move home of course, because people would have to update their links (and many don’t). But I think it would be worth it in the long term.

    I am fed up with the restrictions that come with using Plus, it would be much better to have an address like (for example) than the rather clunky

    I mean, content-wise, things wouldn’t change much. Maybe the ‘specials’ could be reserved for midweek. I remember the popular blog that covered the 2005 General Election — I think it had a roundup every day. That might be a bit overboard, but I think in the run-up to the election it would be good to have more than one per week.

  3. I moved blog a while back without much hassle or any loss of hits. I just put my new address up on the last post on the old one and found that after a couple of weeks everyone had updated their sidebars.

    I like the idea of the midweek special and obviously more updates = more hits and hopefully more nominations etc.

    I’m suggesting abondoning the politics but there are a number of good blogs that seldom or never mention politics, in particular some good photographic or mainly photographic blogs. It might be an idea to include two or three of thse from time to time to add a bit of variety.

    More thoughts as they occur.

  4. I like the political focus, but think it’s a format that could be built on to cover other areas too. wrt. name, perhaps “Scotviews”, “Scotnews”, or some variation, or embrace the acronym, ‘SBR’, or ‘SBlogs’?

    An aggregator is something I’d like to see for Scottish Blogs, provided contributors tag them carefully, so that political posts get picked up but their pet goldfish tribulations don’t.

    Specials are a great idea, as is the suggestions above for bringing in a bit more non-political content. Akin to the (in your best Trevor McDonald voice) ‘and finally…’ news item.

    A submission form? Might make folk feel a little less self-concious to e-mail in links to their own posts!

  5. Looks like there is a consensus breaking out that would allow (1) regularity, (2) consistency, (3) more variety.

    How about Sundays are political roundups, Wednesdays are personal views rounds ups, Fridays are something else and so on. More people would visit and chances are a bit of cross-fertilisation of ideas/comments.

    I’d be loathe to change from the format you have just now. Although a daily election round up would be great for us political anoraks. I dare say you could find a roster of bloggers to cover each day from say close of nominations on 11 April to 3 May to cover daily events?

  6. A visit to the round up is now definitely a Sunday must. I’ll it seems fine, though I have never used wordpress so not sure what the problems are. I will have to have think.

  7. I’m tempted to call the new home ‘Scotviews’, but something about that doesn’t quite sit right to me. I’m not sure about Blogging Jocks at all!

    I quite like the Scotviews idea because the SBR — despite its name — isn’t designed to be just about blogs. It can be about forums, podcasts, YouTube, whatever else out there. But as I said, ‘Scotviews’ doesn’t quite sound right to me…

    Another idea for a name that I had was ‘Scottish Soapbox’, but that might be a bit too cheesy. I reckon it would make a good slogan though!