#26: Snouts in trough action and more poll joy for the SNP (or is that ASFM?)

Firstly, welcome to the new place! What do you think? As you can see, I am still using WordPress, but having it on my own webspace rather than WordPress.com gives us that bit more flexibility, and should make things easier from now on.

You’ll notice one improvement straight away — we can now embed YouTube videos. I have also added tagging, but I have not got round to tagging any of the older posts yet. I will get it done when I can. Once I’ve got it sorted, it should be pretty cool.

I’ve decided to stick with the default theme, so design wise it should look very familiar. I don’t really have the time to mess around with the design, so I’m just keeping it the way it is for the time being (although I have made / will be making a few tweaks here and there). Also, if you see something that has broken, please do let me know!

By the way, in case you missed it, I had an experiment with a mid-week roundup on Wednesday which you can read here.

By the way, unlike the other blog I write for, Scottish Roundup is refusing to acknowledge the fact that it is April Fool’s Day, so this is the real deal. Anyway, enough about that and onward to the latest roundup.

And seeing as the roundup has just moved to its own website, it is fitting to begin with Osama Saeed’s post pointing out that MPs have decided to award themselves an obsecene £10,000 per year for running websites. In case you couldn’t guess, it does not cost £10,000 per year to run a website. As Osama Saeed says: “Why don’t they just head down to WordPress and get one for free?”

For some more snouts in trough action, look no further than Bishop Hill. It’s illegal to use natural landscape features to absorb floodwaters. Green MSP Mark Ruskell isn’t happy with that. And neither is Bishop Hill.

Next up, a brilliant post by Lesley Riddoch at Scottish Votepods. I didn’t realise that the Scottish Votepods blog was actually going to have posts like this (I thought it was only going to basically advertise the events they have on), so I happened on this one by chance.

I’m quite glad that I did, because it outlines the changes that have been made to the ballot paper. I didn’t actually realise that this had happened, and I consider myself to be fairly up to date on this kind of thing (obviously I’m not). Also fascinating is the revelation that the SNP are calling themselves ‘Alex Salmond for First Minister’ so that they will appear first on the list. It’s just like the way AA1 Double Glazing come first in the Yellow Pages. Clever stuff.

Davie Hutchison noted how the SNP came on top of three opinion polls in as many days. Labour clearly have a lot to be worried about. Holyrood Watcher also noticed the polls, with some additional commentary on Labour’s strategy.

Meanwhile, Anne McLaughlin just hopes the opinion polls don’t make SNP activists complacent.

Still on opinion polls, Richard Thomson is not convinced by the poll that showed only 27% supporting full independence. He says, “It all depends on the question you ask, as well as the number of questions you ask.”

I wonder if an SNP Executive would remember that come referendum time? Would they put forward a proposal supported by a minority, or a compromise measure supported by a majority? I guess the latter would not be so popular among the grassroots.

Fitaloon at Tarland Mad House Blog has his own view on the SNP’s rise:

It is not that Scotland wants the SNP and Independence, its just that we don’t want Labour and in particular Blair and Brown.

Meanwhile, over at Scotswahey, McGellie has once again set out his case for independence.

But this is the weird bit. Independence is no big deal. You still get your food from Tesco or the farmer’s market. You’ll still get your insurance from Italy, your power from Scottish Power’s new Spanish owners, buy your clothes from an Icelandic company and settle any number of transactions with a lovely call centre in India and let’s not forget the Chinese in the mix. When you vote for Independence, the Sky won’t fall in and you’ll still get Sky plus. It’s simply a constitutional rewiring.

Mind you, that’s one of the reasons why I am personally not a great fan of independence. All of those things that we love about life won’t go away. Essentially nothing will change. In that case, is it really worth rewiring the constitution?

Holyrood Belle reckons that Gordon Brown as had a Black Saturday (or a “Black Wednesday +3 days”) following a string of bad press reports.

Here is a good old fashioned cut-up by YouTuber bcnsco, who has made Jack McConnell extol the virtues of independence. It’s also made him act like a scary shape-shifting alien!

(Incidentally, I don’t keep up with YouTube very well, so I would especially appreciate nominations of good YouTube videos. I’m also thinking of making one of the ‘midweek specials’ a YouTube special.)

Bookdrunk is not very happy with Margaret Brown’s latest column in The Scotsman.

Elsewhere, the great “blogosphere vs. MSM” battle has reared its ugly head again, following Guido Fawkes’s appearance on Newsnight. CuriousHamster has this. Mr Power has this (then this). Ehh. Make of it what you will. I just can’t be bothered with the whole Guido Fawkes thing any more.

Korakious at Red Squirrel’s Lair is clearly not a fan of politicians. Apart from the SSP. They are golden apparently.

SNP candidate Jamie Hepburn makes the case for a nuclear-free Scotland, calling nuclear power a white elephant.

What would happen to the UK’s membership of the EU if Scotland became independent? That’s what Dizzy and The Devil’s Kitchen have been wondering about.

I’m not sure about Dizzy’s argument. I buy the idea that England and Wales would be the “continuing UK” while Scotland would find itself having to renegotiate. But who really knows? If Scotland were to become independent, it could be interesting to see what happens. But it could also be quite painful.

Meanwhile, High Politics wonders what sort of impact the Publican Party will make in the upcoming elections.

Finally, Will Patterson has reported on the last day at Holyrood, and finds out who will be saying goodbye for good.

And that’s the roundup for today! What did you make of the midweek roundup? I wasn’t sure if there would be enough posts to go around for today’s roundup, but as you can see there was plenty! I think this could work on a regular basis!

Anyway, as usual, we are always looking for your nominations, so please send them to scottishroundup@gmail.com. Seeya later!


  1. I am loving the midweek round up plan, I didn’t actually see it until today but I think there is more than enough blog action going on for it to be a regular thing (assuming you have the time of course!)

    Good job, will check out these suggested posts when I’m back from the pub.