The Non-Political Blog Round Up No1

Welcome to the first non-political blog round up. If you’re sick of the elections then you’ve come to the right place. So sit back relax and enjoy some of the more personal corners of the Scottish blogosphere.

First up we have The Ill Man pondering Jesus’ noughts and crosses technique, office bores and chocolate.

Bawbags wonders if the end is nigh, whilst Kim Ayres treats us to his pirate look.

Some fine snaps over on one of the internet’s great undiscovered gems This Moment.  

The Flying Rodent destroys our wholesome memories of Friends.

A Bhoy From Leith says something about Celtic winning an important game against St Johnstone and for all I know about football he might very well be right.

Hurtling Towards Obscurity has moved but where to?

Speaking of moving the hoors have moved, though happily there are still enough tales of their comings and goings to keep the nosy neighbour in us all suitably scandalised. 

West Coast Ramblings makes one of his all too infrequent postings to contemplate the foundation of a Lawerance Donegan fan club.

Marginal Walker stares death in the face and lives.

Teaching and Learning and a Wee Bit of Cooking terrifies me with a vast crab. It might only be a picture but it has a face! Oh and they’ve also got a tasty looking recipe for roasted peppers. 

An unexpected sight on the Hillington Industrial Estate brought to us by Beware of Open Spaces.

Getting Over Getting Dumped, get’s over it in a traffic jam. 

David Bamford relives The Glasgow Garden Festival. Phew what a year 1988 was.

So that’s it for this apolitical stoat round the net. Happy reading. 


  1. Given that I’ve decided I’ll vote in the coming elections for whichever party will sort out the Dental NHS Crisis in Scotland, I might just be veering into political territory after all…

  2. Thank you for taking my linkback cherry. Bitterman will be round in the car with compensation post-haste.

    And in the spirit of Ms Ayres, I’ll vote for anyone who shouts “BURN, SHERIDAN, BURN!” outside the polling station. No wait, that will be me…

  3. Sight, what a year. Neds didnt exist, Diana was still alive. and a ZX128k Spectrum was cutting edge. Hash was like four times the price it is now and coke was only something that Scarface was into.

    I might start getting political now I think about it.