SBR Number 31 Sunday Antipodean Perspectives

Lots of good stuff and thanks to Doctorvee for some suggestions. I will wade in and excuse any busted links or formatting issues. We will get those fixed.

As the sun came up on all the animals in the Antipodes, this Sunday morning, my mind moved on from the overnight activities in the West Indies and the farce that was the end of the Cricket World Cup, yes the one the Scottish Cricket Team were dispatched from many weeks ago. The Periodic Englishman, very periodic and very Scottish, reminds me about why we male cricket fans do this. In addition, we share a trait that my Australian work colleagues and my family cannot understand. Why would I support the English Cricket Team? If Scotland does become independent, I strongly recommend it doesn’t look to the International Cricket Council for strategic advice.

As the day develops it is clear that we are in for a very untypical, driech Scottish day, with four seasons in the morning. This is very unusual here in Adelaide, drought stricken capital of South Australia. At least it is not as bad as Dilligaf describes from Jakarta. I have interesting memories of getting around in normal conditions, no congestion charges in Jakarta, so I can only guess how awful it is as everything from the sewers up, floats around the city. Although this is pretty bad, most of that part of the world doesn’t even have sewers and waste water treatment, ha ha ha. I surmise from his comments that my learned friend does not take kindly to the friendly souls just over the water and the Top Banana of TTLB Ecosystem.

My trips to Jakarta were usually brief from the land of clean living, where Binty McShae holds forth. Living in foreign countries can be challenging and lonely at times. Those large Scottish social gatherings such as St Andrews Day Dances, were always a little incongruous, with the dress kilt, not the ideal outfit for thirty two degree humid weather and rooms full of drunken people with tenuous links to Scotland, out-teuchtering each other.

It is clear from a quick scan of the political blogs that everybody, except the candidates and the most devoted fans, are very scunnered of the whole election thingy. The following examples display the range of pessimistic thoughts echoed throughout the election observations. Neil Sutherland has his own not so quiet protest with the Dixie Chicks. Holyrood Belle reckons Jack is making a Major mistake in strategy.

Fitaloon suggests the NotsoNew Labour election strategy is excellent for the opposition parties. Apparently David Milliband doesn’t go down too well in the urban heartlands of Scotland. Perhaps Tony has some spread options to pay for bail, that weren’t looking too good.

Every one seems very sick of all the party brochures, but the Liberal Democrats new strategy to pay to receive election mailings, has got to take the biscuit. Please head over to your local Post Office to pay for the privilege of receiving puerile party propoganda. The funny thing is that it was targeted at new voters.

Surreptitious Evil ponders the benefit of receiving election materials after he has completed his postal vote. When all this is paper attack is done, Silver Sprite has developed an environmentally friendly way of managing the unwanted propaganda.

My personal interest in the election is limited to having gone to the University of Stirling with Commitsar Jack, where he perfected his hack skills. Consistent with my memory of empty rhetoric, said with sincerity, J Arthur McNumpty lays in to Jack and his pitch to undecided voters.

Personally I have managed to get out of voting, for over twenty five years, because of a continuing trip around the world. I have often come across this kind of baloney in getting residential status. Good luck with the friendly people at the Home Office. I had some of the same here in Australia. At least I wasn’t detained as is the practice for some questionable immigrants.

And so to predicting the result and the way forward for the Independent Communist Republic of Scotlandistan as some critics would have us believe. Telegraph correspondent Robert Colvile takes a look at some of the next steps and who will decide. I especially liked some of the comments from Angry in Surrey.

Honorary Scotsman for the purpose of this round up, Tom Paine, Wintanagemot Club member, has contributed to the SNP as part of secret plans and clever tricks to establish an English Republic.

The newly independent Scotland will have to develop a sound basis for the economy and this fairy story will inspire other would be business strategists. Richard Havers discusses some of the challenges of producing organic foods and the link to future sustainability.

Responsible drinking and shoving young people in the slammer for having a glass of wine were addressed vigorously by many bloggers, but Anastasia Beaumont-Bott had a very thoughtful assessment. Her just say no message may be right for some, but personal responsibility seems to be the key message. I could have learned from that.

As for the touchy feely stuff, it is frustrating to think of the perfect response to an incident much later. Jake the Dog’s owner recounts a simple incident in the park. Just because you have a dog, people feel that they can come up and talk to you.

Kim “The Pirate” Ayres doesn’t seem to have any problems with female interest in his blog. All he wants to know is why?

One thing I struggle with is organisation. I was very impressed with Gareth J Saunders, an Episcopal Priest and Computer Expert, with the University of St Andrews, who shows how to keep things organised. I had to look hard for the bible. Obviously a disciple of the computing religion.

And in the transportation category, Scottish Cooperative Wholesale Republic reminisces about early years trainspotting. Finally Reactionary Snob gets behind a public service strike.

After all that we should relax and realise that there are people who like Scotland, regardless of all the political baloney. Hope it gets better next week. Just remember as they used to do in some of the countries I used to work in, Vote Early and Vote Often.

And if it doesn’t work out for you, here are 10 Things to Do Before You Die.


  1. Thanks for the mention, I’ll be visiting Adelaide next week and hopefully put a trip report on the net. Consider yourself bookmarked!