June 2007

Foulkes off and Home Office madness

Hello there! I am back after a busy couple of weeks for me. As such, I must apologise for the slightly lazy nature of this week’s roundup. Will Patterson has taken a look at two people who are on the way out in different ways — Mohammad Sarwar and George Foulkes. There is more on […]

Faith in People and Politicians

First, a brace of posts from one of my favourite blogs, Rhetorically Speaking, regarding our right to do stuff. Martin Kettle’s article on the film ‘Taking Liberties’ provoked a number of responses around the blogosphere, and bookdrunk’s offering is a good representation of the scorn it deserved. The principle under attack is that we should […]

Roundup No Umpteen

Welcome to this week’s roundup. If its revised format does not quite sing and dance, it’s not for the lack of fiddling with it by the good doctor. To begin with, let us consider the delights of Wemyss Bay. A tourist destination to rival San Francisco, Guadeloupe and Bali. All hail to the doyen (OK, […]

The PM ignoring the FM as he impresses in FMQs

Welcome to this week’s roundup! You will see that I have at last made the changes I promised. I won’t bang on and on about them here — to save space, I’ve done all that on my personal blog. Fingers crossed everything works. But should anything seem to have gone a bit funny, please contact […]