Brown, Bombers, Brzezinski, the BBC & Even a Bit of Blair

I’m a blogger from the Borders and I’m sure that there are none too many of us. So I’d like to start by pointing you all in the direction of my near neighbour, Huttonian, whose daily thoughts and observations are collected as Musings From The Merse. He has a very interesting take on the SNP’s cri de coeur in this week’s Berwickshire (a great little paper for a great little (former) county) and concerns their feelings of both themselves and the electorate being marginalized by Scottish Borders Council.

On the other side of the Atlantic we hear of Mika Brzezinski, a name that probably meant nothing to you until this week, and might still not. Of course some of you will hear an echo of Jimmy Carter in the name because her father was Zbigniew Brzezinski, the 39th President of the United States, Security Advisor, but I digress. Mika hates Paris, not France or Texas but Hilton. As Mr Eugenides tells us Mika was incensed that her TV station was leading the news with Paris rather than the story of troop withdrawals from Iraq. He has a clip of Mika losing…then again it might all be a stunt as I gather her station’s ratings are (or perhaps were) woeful. For an alternative take on American TV go to the Wardman Wire for something on a unique archive of George Bush videos. Some will surely be as funny as Mika.

Closer to home, Ex-Councillor Angus Nicolson is in a strop over the Hebridean Environment and Landscape Protection Society – a front for anti wind farm campaigners no less. He makes the point that the Stornoway Gazette is guilty of shoddy cut and paste journalism. Now there’s a thing!

By way of a public service announcement take a look at Remedy Scotland – a new blog set up to help junior doctors campaign for a better training and application deal. It is the Scottish wing of Remedy UK.

Davie Hutchison at North to Leith has a bit of a go at Arthur ‘the bleak’ Midwinter over his bit of a go at Alex Salmond’s new council of Economic Advisors and I think he has a good point. Although when you appoint a group of experts to have a look at anything, the other experts always object. Academics are no less guilty of vanity than the rest of us.

Shuggy reminds us that at last England is catching up with Scotland – the smoking ban….We may also be catching up with England in that Gorgeous George Galloway’s Respect Party looks like it’s heading north of the border. At Red Squirrel’s Lair there’s even a picture of GGG in that red leotard on Big Brother. If you have any respect left for Respect then read on.

Anastasia Beaumont-Bott has a rainbow growing out of her head and is proud of it. Meanwhile the Flying Rodent makes an admission of a rather different kind. While he’s about it he goes to the defence of those who want to wear their religion with pride…sort of.

Naturally the Edinburgh tram gets a good going over and so does Wendy Alexander for being a bad winner from Davie Hutchison. There will of course be some slow down in the news from the Numptorium, as the Holyrood Chronicles point out, because our brave and fearless Numpties are in recess until Wednesday 5 September…what are we going to do?

Going, possibly, into permanent recess is Fopp and Doctor Vee discusses the flopp that was Fopp here. With the news of depressing results at HMV and the fact the Prince is giving away his new CD with the Mail on Sunday (he’d need to. Ed) it’s all rather depressing news for music retail (and bookselling is not much better). Tartan Hero reports on yet another debate about the Scottish Six, this time at a Glasgow City Council meeting. For the life of me I can’t see what it’s to do with them, although Grant points out it’s about bringing jobs to Glasgow. Are you sure Grant? The head of Radio Scotland has moved to Inverness.

We do of course have a new Prime Minister and according to the Holyrood Chronicles some of Gordon’s surprises are none too surprising. Richard Leyton is hoping to keep his hopes up about Gordon, at least for a few more hours. Waxing Lyrical compares how uncomfortable both Gordon and Alex look in their supplied to media photographs. SNP Tactical Voting studies our new leaders anatomy. For me Gordon’s (new) gang, of however many it is, all come over as either a bit earnest or a bit wanting – sometimes both.

Richard Thomson at Scots and Independent has the good sense to remind us that it’s not just hello Gordy but goodbye Tone. He even admits to a long remembered moment when John Prescott looked like the future of politics. We also have a new Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, but not deputy PM, who refuses to apologize and as Mr Eugenides points out she may be a liar, but she’s not stupid.

At the Select Society they ask, Is Brown the New Heath, and if he is it may well have interesting consequences. Unlike Mr Heath, Mr Brown is of course, as well all know, very much the married man, but it is an institution that is in decline and especially religious ceremonies as Rhetorically Speaking tells us. In a related post Robert Sharp tackles religious beliefs and the age of consent. He concludes by saying. “My suggestion is to broaden the definition of the ‘Age of Consent’ to include a consent to religion too.”

And then of course there were bombs, or attempted bombs. The Mushkush Miscellany asks if we’re sure who is doing it? Will Paterson has his take on the cock-ups. Shuggy and Mr Eugenides both point out how stupid it was to attempt an attack on Glasgow Airport. Reactionary Snob asks some interesting questions. Bishop Hill refers to them as Butthead Bombers, let’s hope they remain so. While the Select Society probably speak for the majority of us when they say, not afraid, just angry.

I suspect there will be more as the day and week goes on about the Glasgow Bombers as they’ll inevitably be called. Check for it at Scottish Political News

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