September 2007

One year old and waiting for Gordo

Well, hello there! It’s time to don your novelty paper hat and offer celebratory greetings. Why? Well, the Roundup has been around for a year this week, with Duncan producing SBR #1 (as it was then) on 1st October. Since then, it’s the changes at the top that have been the most marked, even if […]

Hard working MSPs and some football game or other

Another week, another roundup, this time from the the ‘man behind’ Scottish Blogs. Before I continue I will state up front that I won’t be including one of my own posts, despite the continued insistence of doctorvee. So, without further ado let’s kick off with our old friend, money. George Foulkes is a poor man, […]

Why won’t somebody think of the children?

Hi folks! It’s the start of another term at Holyrood, and that means, I hope, lots of blog fodder. It’d be tempting to say that regular service can now resume, but firstly, we’ve had lots to post about over the summer, and secondly, current affairs in Scotland can be gloriously irregular at times. Which, thankfully, […]

Scottish Roundup on the radio

As I mentioned in the last roundup, I was on Radio 5 Live to talk about a couple of stories that made it to the roundup. One of our regular fixtures and guest contributors, Mr Eugenides, was also there to talk about the Britblog Roundup which he edited this week. If you’re interested in hearing […]

A marital row over fiscal autonomy and costs, costs, costs

Hello, and welcome to this week’s roundup! Like Will and Richard, I have to comment on the fact that the silly season has been very kind to us here. August has come and gone, but politics has seemingly carried on as normal. This week’s big story concerns an event that happened several weeks ago but […]