Hard working MSPs and some football game or other

Another week, another roundup, this time from the the ‘man behind’ Scottish Blogs. Before I continue I will state up front that I won’t be including one of my own posts, despite the continued insistence of doctorvee. So, without further ado let’s kick off with our old friend, money.

George Foulkes is a poor man, overworked and underpaid and has asked for more money. Angus Nicolson is one who isn’t too happy about this as, like me, I’m pretty sure these poor people understood the pay and benefits when they took the job. However, Anne McLaughlin makes the point that, as MSPs are usually, locally, available to their constituents, that yes they DO work harder.

As ever, discussion of wealth and politics proves a thorny issue. And that’s before you consider Gordon Brown’s proposed pregnancy payment which has the Reactionary Snob in a bit of a lather (sorry, couldn’t work a second alliteration in there).

But, without your health, money is useless so obviously the smoking ban has been a godsend. Recent studies suggest that to be true but The Devil’s Kitchen quickly slices, dices and flambés the report, suggesting, as does Holyrood Chronicles, that it will take a lot longer than one year to prove, or disprove, whether the smoking ban has made Scotland a healthier place.

Sport next, and we find that Tartan Hero isn’t best pleased that the London Olympics will be paid for by everyone else in Great Britain. No surprise there I guess but, as ever, there is suggestion of coverup. Sometimes I wonder why we have politicians at all, when is Guy Fawkes again?

Stepping away from politics and politicians (for, let’s be honest, they’ll continue to talk amongst themselves) let’s look back at a the sporting week. With the Rugby World Cup kicking off, hopes of the continued resurgence of the national team were bolstered by what was a “professional” display against the Portugese. We scored 56 points against them, the All Blacks all but doubled that score, making us, in Scottish sporting logic, half as good as the best team in the world. Considering we won a second game of football against World Cup finalists France, then I think it is safe to say that our national football team is now the best in the world.

Now, without wanting to get ahead of myself as I’ve already skipped forward to Guy Fawkes, apparently Christmas isn’t all that far away either. You may well be advised to read up on misspelled Misssy Misssives who reminds us that Christmas is a time of embarassing faux pas and cringing.

And, to close, I’ll leave you with some the burrowing bees of Berneray, and some poetry. One good, one very bad.

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