January 2008

Mo money, mo problems

Hi folks! There’s something of a financial theme to this week’s proceedings, and seeing as time is money, let’s crack on. The Scottish Budget cleared its first major parliamentary hurdle this week, though as ASwaS points out, that’s not the end of the story, as it now enters Stage 2 of the legislative process. This […]

Death and Taxes

Hi folks! With those two famous inevitabilities popping up again and again in the blogosphere, this week’s Roundup has something of a morbid feel about it. Maybe the weather’s getting to everyone? Anyway. The topic that has generated a good deal of interest is that of organ donation opt-outs, with the UK Government proposing that […]

Hain in meltdown

Okay, first of all I should apologise for the lateness of this week’s roundup. We have been hit with a myriad of unusual technical hitches. Will can’t access the website at all for some unknown reason, so I am posting it on his behalf. And then for some reason Will’s emails never got to me. […]

Welcome to 2008…

Welcome to 2008 and to my first ever Scottish Blog Roundup. The year ahead promises to be an interesting one – will the SNP kick on or implode? Will Labour realise that they aren’t actually in government any more? Will anyone remember that Nicol Stephen actually exists? Will this year be the year we find […]