Welcome to 2008…

Welcome to 2008 and to my first ever Scottish Blog Roundup. The year ahead promises to be an interesting one – will the SNP kick on or implode? Will Labour realise that they aren’t actually in government any more? Will anyone remember that Nicol Stephen actually exists? Will this year be the year we find out what the point of Bill Aitken is?

With two weeks to round-up, where do I start? Well, you could do worse than looking at J.Arthur MacNumpty who has a look at what we might see in 2008. Other Scot Bloggers who play Mystic Meg for 2008 include Holyrood Chronicles, Scottish Tory Boy and SNP Tactical Voting. Councillor Mark McDonald looks forward and back… here is hoping that he and his wife do find themselves pregnant again in the future. Kezia Dugdale indulges some of the mud-slingers…

Richard Thompson explains ring-fencing to the Labour Party – very nice of him to, whilst Il Diablo gives us a lesson in incentives. The Poor, Little Greek Boy points out that Scotland is slightly less authoritarian than England and Wales. The SNP welcomed this but in reality this is the difference between shit and shite.

SNP Tactical Voting highlights John Loughton, the young Lib Dem who has made it onto Big Brother… I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of him in years to come. I always find young people so heavily involved in politics a tad nauseating but there we go. Flying Rodent has met some intelligent politicians… but has never voted for them.

Two deaths also got some coverage – the passing Benazir Bhutto, amongst many others by Osama Saeed and Robert Sharp, and the death of Motherwell Captain and Scotland Internationalist, Phil O’Donnell, by BellegroveBelle and Stephen’s Linlithgow Journal.

Dave Farrer thinks there are too many university students whilst Julie McNulty tells us all about doctors and nurses. Blair’s conversion got a couple of mentions at Bill Cameron and Still Not Grown Up. Oliver James caused a stir with his comments on capitalism and both Andrew Burns and Cassilis had something to say on the matter.

One of the major stories from 2007 was about New Labour’s continuing troubles with the books. Kezia Dugdale gets confused (The Tories have paid the cash back, Labour are still sitting on the jobbing builder’s £660,000), Calum Cashley has a look at who might replace Wendy and Tartan Hero points and laughs.

The year ahead will, of course, be dominated by the US Presidential Election. The Scotsman’s man in Washington unsurprisingly was on the ball. Adam Smith Was a Socialist also had a look over the pond whilst The Greek gave us two posts reminding us as to why it’s lucky we don’t have a vote over there (here and here).

One post was nominated, or more correctly, a blog – so why not have a look at the SIC Blog?

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  1. surely the point of Bill Aitken is to keep to brewing and distilling industry in being