An unholy union for Scotland, a financial hell for everyone else.

A slow news week had me sifting through the tumbleweed and potentially grasping at straws. What with Tartan Hero taking a well-earned break and Kezia Dugdale with too much on her plate to blog properly for now, there was a chance it would be slim pickings in the run up to Easter.

Thankfully, Iain Dale helped us Scots out by pontificating about a potential Nats – Tory coalition. This caught the attention of news-starved bloggers with Scottish Tory Boy taking up the story initially and seemingly being in favour of steps in that direction though he disputes the 27 seats that the SNP’s Angus Robertson optimistically predicts his party will take. J Arthur McNumpty is less sympathetic to the suggestion and is unequivocal as to why. Malc in the Burgh sees the opportunity as a potential route to a coveted independence referendum. Kerron Cross thinks it’s a joke and the Conservatives and Unionists would be selling out on their name. My own take at SNP Tactical Voting is that subtle collusion is all the SNP can afford when dealing with the supposed ‘nasty party’, notwithstanding the clause in the nationalist constitution preventing working with the Tories. Richard at Scots and Independent provides a thorough rundown of how this unholy union could be formed. He then goes on to debate “redolent confusion” and “weird flukes” in an interesting comments section. 

Even if a formal coalition fell through, the SNP working with the UK Tories on a ‘case by case’ basis would have a delicious perversity given the reverse relationship that currently exists north of the border.

This week saw the recovery of Shannon Matthews. There was a curious mix of relief and suspicion after this event. Still Not Grown Up questions the role of the “self-indulgent neighbours” and wonders how close to the Matthews they were before this incident. Meanwhile, Craigblog believes the police deserve more credit for their efforts, and more time to work out what exactly went on during those 3 weeks.

In the last 7 days, the credit crunch bit further. David Farrer is horrified by some plans to avert it. Holyrood Chronicles discusses some of the dubious trading/gambling practices that go on. SNP Tactical Voting gives a brief update on how we got into this mess in the first place. Two Doctors believes a moral hazard has been reached if investors are being bailed out with public money.

So our finances are going to hell in a handbasket but on a cheerier note, Happy Birthday to the Iraq War, 5 years old this week. At Anything Caron Can Do, celebration was reserved for the number of votes in favour of a public inquiry into said War. Consideration was also given that these good vibes could lead to better relations between the Lib Dems and, em, the ‘Gnats’. For Flying Rodent, a ridiculously good post celebrates the anniversary with a commemorative Monopoly board game, albeit with some eyebrow-raising new rules:

At the start of the game, The Banker (aka The US Government) immediately awards all Properties, control of the Iraqi Army and complete independence to The Iraqi Government, while still retaining ownership of all Properties, the Iraqi Army and The Iraqi Government.

An  anonymous comment was raised during the week regarding Jo Swinson’s suggestion that You Tube could be used to reconnect Westminster with the public. Obviously the mere mention of Ms Swinson made me think there was a massive clanger coming but, for once, no. A valid suggestion from the youngest MP there.

The Local Income Tax debate continued to rumble on. Julie Hepburn accused the opponents of scaremongering and wonders if rich Scots may be more civic-minded and happy to pay more tax than others give them credit for. Stephen of the Linlithgow Lib Dems believes the Labour attacks are all over the place.

I couldn’t let this post finish without mentioning the MRUK poll which puts clear daylight between the SNP and their nearest rivals. Calum Cashley happily fills his lungs with the good news regarding “the SNP’s excellent start to government”. Malc in the Burgh is equally delighted but for his noticing, and worrying, that despite all of Labour’s woes, they have held their share of the vote since May. Scottish Tory Boy is concerned that the Conservatives still lose a seat despite their good showing in the past year. Separate to (or perhaps because of) this disappointment, STB suggests the poll should be discredited given MRUK’s poor polling before the 2007 election.

A selection of ‘others’….

Reactionary Snob and J Arthur MacNumpty to name but two are trying to get Alastair Darling barred from all UK pubs in retaliation for the jacking up of booze duty.

Surreptitious Evil stands up for seals by choosing to club “moron” MEPs.

Andrew Burns believes the Scottish Government has lost direction with regard Scottish school infrastructure. 

Bernard Salmon believes the loyal and brave Ghurkas deserve justice with equal rights to the rest of the nation’s armed forces.

Jim Millar is frustrated that a silly councillor spat has been allowed to take up so much time and expense. But then, Jim doesn’t seem too concerned about the return of those rapists and pillagers The Vikings!

The unwelcome Devine intervention was considered further with some more heated comments (18 at last count) on Kezia Dugdale’s blog. A typically intelligent post from QC Ian Hamilton notes that the good Bishop is being selective in his deliverance of the Bible’s Word. 

Cameron Rose notes that Edinburgh University presidential election ended in chaos. The phrase involving ‘students’, ‘organise’, ‘piss-up’ and ‘brewery’ springs to mind but Cameron is too classy for that type of language.

Comment on Tibetan riots was made by….  noone that I could find. It seems China suppression of free speech is far-reaching!

And Post of the Week? For me, well, the eagle-eyed This is Alba spotted this gem on CNN.

So that is all for this week. A bit of a quiet one all in all really. For all those Christians out there, enjoy your Easter period. For everyone else, don’t eat too much chocolate.

The Round Up will rise again in 7 days but I for one don’t know who will be rolling back the stone.


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