Tartan Special Goes Dutch Memorial Edition

As I start writing this we are just recovering from having two consecutive days of rain here in Adelaide. A very unusual occurrence in our current drought affected climate. The rain dancers have clearly done their job and the farmers are hoping to sew a crop. My kids were moaning and groaning about not being able to go outside to play and were incredulous about my stories of my early years in the land of the wind and rain. Sunday started off with bucketing rain, some cloud, brilliant sunshine, some overcast… and so it went on. You get the story. Anyway it put me in the mood to craft another high quality Scottish Roundup. Thank you for your indulgence as I take at a look at some of the stuff that caught my eye this week. Oh and thanks Duncan for your suggestions.

Richard Havers joins in with the majority of the population of England and Wales and sticking the knife in to Gordon. Nae Balls would seem to be the theme. (Perhaps he should get rid of Mr Balls instead?) Angus Nicholson highlights the benefit of burying bad stories. Perhaps Gordon could change the law? Casillis tries his hand at political advertising. Don’t look yet Gordon, things are still looking pretty bad (remember John Major?). Doctor Vee on the other hand has just had it with politicians in general.

Meanwhile back in Scotland, the Anything Except Independence Committee is launched. Callum Cashley disects the great and the good who will ponder what extra powers to give to our friends in the Scottish Parliament. Based on recent polling it seems that Scots are happy to have a bet each way. Perhaps they are concerned about the declining oil supplies in the backyard. Councillor Andrew Barns Really Bad Blog (what a great name for a blog) examines the different agendas and responses to the poll. Speaking of empty strategies, Groanin Jock finds a way to boost Scotlands technology industry based on experience in the US. More empty promises? Adam Smith Was A Socialist throws in his 10p worth. Holyrood Watcher weighs in with more, although he seems more concerned about the demise of another Scottish business, sold off to global crap beer specialists based in Holland. Speaking of crap beers, more Tartan Special anyone? I used to love the smell of that brewery as I walked to the rugby at Murrayfield. Sick I know, but Just don’t get caught sniffing in public. Your political career will sink faster than El Gordos.

Speaking of more democracy, Kezia Dugdale pitches in to the How come China is not playing fair after we gave them the Olympics line.

However, with little more than three months to go before the Beijing Olympics, few substantial reforms have been introduced that will have a significant, positive impact on human rights in China. Recent measures from the authorities to detain, prosecute and imprison those who raise human rights concerns suggest that things are just getting worse – the promised, positive ‘Olympics effect’ hasn’t materialised.

And it won’t I doubt. The best that can be hoped for is for a blow torch to be shone on the real China during the countdown to the games. Mr Eugenides runs the numbers. As expected hypocrisy rating very high.

Onto other more uplifting things, Callum Carr continues to document the appalling service from the NHS that Mrs Carr is receiving. Let’s hope he plays Grand Theft Auto rather than taking matters into his own hands. Having had my fair share of wacky medical advice, better to take it out in computer games and virtual blog world therapy.

As a Scottish Cricket Fan living in the land of cricket tragics, it was good to read that there is at least one other Scottish Cricket fan. Allmax describes his love affair with cricket and digs up this amazing fact from the time that Freuchie were UK Village Cricket Champions in 1985.

Also emerging in the wash during that time was the quite extraordinary, but apparently true, statistic that more Scots, as a proportion of the population, played organised cricket during the summer than did the English.

Based on my own experience, cricket teas were very good and hanging out on a summers afternoon, even if it was raining was better than doing housework.

Ideas of Civilisation tackles James Bond and class warfare. My own kids example suggests that that smaller the class size the better. My other connection with James Bond and education was that Sean Connery was a nude model when my dad was at Edinburgh Art College. Scotland strikes me as a cold place for that career path. No doubt that is why he moved on to bigger and better things.

Silver Sprite tackles twitter. I am rather surprised that there is a blog post of things to say about twitter. My wife thinks it is the most moronic thing and looks at me in a suspicious way whenever I am on the computer. Blogging she can tolerate, but for Twitter “What is the point????” I generally have no good answer. Twerpy Twerpy Tweet Tweet.

And in a bid to become famous, Clairwill will be appearing live on her neighbourhood CCTV. Fame at last. And talking of crime fighting measures, Bishop Hill reckons some of our European Friends should be sent to jail immediately. Auld Reekie Rants confirms that being there might not be a sufficient punishment.

And in the if you have nothing better to do department, Grant analyses the new film, Iron Man. I wonder if there is an Irn Bru angle?

And now back to the important business of politics, Tom Paine, writing in the last ditch is often one to skewer the Scots, especially Gordon and the boys. Seems all it takes is a new Maserati and some good Scottish weather to mellow his ways.

On the other hand, honorary Scot for the day, Sally in Norfolk is doing it the hard way. Not quite as luxurious as Tom’s path, but more what I remember of touring Scotland. My trip to the top of Ben Nevis was classic Scottish hillwalking. Glorious sun and warm weather at the bottom and howling wind and snow at the top. And that was May.

And that is about it from sunny and Tartan Special Free Adelaide. Until the next time. May all your beers be good.

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