June 2008

The middle of Wendy (think about it…)

Hi folks! I’m sure crossword fans will get the post title, but there’s nothing cryptic about what we’re leading with this week, as Wendy Alexander resigned, failing even to emulate the staying power of Iain Duncan Smith. The BBC’s Brian Taylor has a resumé of the tale. However, the general tone of the blogosphere seems […]

Bloggers come to blows over booze

Hello and welcome to this week’s roundup. It is Saturday night and I am stone cold sober. That’s not because the SNP want me to stop drinking. Of course, it’s because I have a roundup to write. In my experience, it’s the best way to spend a Saturday night. A fair amount of controversy has […]

Bloggers united, Irish divided and David Davis out on a limb…

Well, if anyone thought that Politics was a dull affair then they would have to be in a coma all of this week to still think it doesn’t possess the ability to excite, enthuse and engage.   All of the 3 e’s above were in full show on the Scottish blogging scene with the question of […]

Britishness, Barack and Blah

Hi folks! Following last week’s brief outage, the Roundup is back to its Sunday slot, and bouncier than ever. Anyway, we start this week’s trawl through the blogosphere with plans for a Britishness Day, as put forward by UK Immigration Minister Liam Byrne. Byrne suggested that it could be tied in with an existing holiday, […]

Better late than never…

Wow, it looks like we are back. Sorry if you were checking for the roundup yesterday. All of my websites were knocked over by this incident. I was in good company because a couple of other high-profile casualties were Statcounter and B3ta. The internet felt like a much quieter place yesterday, mostly because I wasn’t […]