July 2008

Loves! Labour’s Lost!

Hi folks! No prizes for guessing what this week’s main story is: it’s Gordon Brown’s uncanny ability to lose a 13,000 vote majority down the back of a couch. Still, Labour’s loss is the SNP’s gain, and SNP supporters have not been slow to celebrate. We start with SNP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in Cumbernauld, Kilsyth […]

Glasgow East by-election special

The polls have closed and now we just have to wait a few hours for the result. By the time you read this I will be getting on with something much more important — I’ll be down the pub. But I have spent the day diligently gathering the best online commentary about Glasgow East from […]

The Battle For Baillieston (oh, and rest of Glasgow East as well)

Hi folks! Remember when the Summer was the ‘silly season’, when hardly anything would happen and all sorts of stories would be classed as news, just to fill the void? Well, turns out we’re not getting one of those this year. The Glasgow East By-Election has seen to that. There’s a preview of Thursday’s poll […]

A few admin notes

This is just a little post about some of the plans for Scottish Roundup over the next little while. By-election special First of all we are going to have a Glasgow East by-election special to be posted when polls close on Thursday. That roundup will contain all the last-minute campaign and pre-poll thoughts and will […]

Things heat up in Glasgow East

Hello, and welcome to this week’s roundup. The last roundup ended on a cliffhanger. We can now say that the Labour candidate for the Glasgow East by-election is… [Big Brother-style pause] …Margaret Curran. For Boxthejack it’s the most sensible decision Labour have made in a while — just a shame they made a hash of […]

Recess Begins and All Hell Breaks Loose

This week was the first week of the Scottish Parliamentary recess, so the political bloggers may well have been wondering just what they could squeeze out of the news to fill their pages. They were however feasting on so much coming and goings, mainly goings that if a week is a long time in politics […]