Recess Begins and All Hell Breaks Loose

This week was the first week of the Scottish Parliamentary recess, so the political bloggers may well have been wondering just what they could squeeze out of the news to fill their pages. They were however feasting on so much coming and goings, mainly goings that if a week is a long time in politics the last seven days could have actually done with building an extension, gazebo and erecting a marquee just to fit it all in.

Just before last weeks roundup of course came the news that Wendy Alexander was to step down as leader of Labour in Scotland. So the blogosphere was rife with speculation Alwyn ap Huw speculates whether Wendy’s resignation was stabbing back at her back-stabbing party. Freedom and Whisky looked at just what rules were bent,  as did Big Rab who looked at the complexity of legislation that we all have to face. anseo looked at Charlie Gordon’s role in Wendy’s downfall. Richard Havers doubted there was quality of leadership anywhere to hold up to Alex Salmond something that Two Doctors concurred with while looking at potential runners and riders.

Of course as Will Patterson pointed out later in the week leadership elections tend to come along like buses, you wait for three years and two come together.  Yes Liberal Democrat leader Nicol Stephen’s shock resignation followed swiftly behind. Of course the Lib Dem bloggers Bernard Salmon, Iain Dale, and holidaying Caron all paid tribute, A Scandal & a Disgracetook a more mischievous look at things. Of course the contrast for valued reasons of this departure was something taken up by Boxologies and Ideas of Civilisation who wasn’t alone in castigating the Scotsman for making a crisis out of a molehill.  

All this of course merely led to speculation as to who would take over. Kezia Dugdale shows independence of thought in her selections. Although someone with more personal knowledge of the potential candidates and the electorate gave a different view.

Of course we also had news that Labour 4th safest seat Glasgow East was going to face a by election. As Holyrood Chronicles points out labour moved the writ quickly to supposedly give them an advantage, Clairwil wondered what spell labour have cast over Glasgow voters but  Shuggy however pointed out early on realistic blues for Labour.

That was before all farce broke out. ASWAS compared Labour’s missing favoured candidate from the selection meeting to another famous invisible politician, Will called a state of emergency, Tartan Hero warns of meltdown. Even Brain Taylor feels Labour have been left at the grid over British Grand Prix weekend. Scottish Tory Boy claimed a short lived exclusive that Margaret Curren was to stand, Mark McDonald sees that possibility as sealing a negative campaign.

Elsewhere the unveiling of the statue of Adam Smith in Edinburgh was preceded by a lecture by the Adam Smith Institute which both Neil Craig and Jeff relayed unto us. Mr Eugenides commented on the Turkeys at Westminster voting for more sauce, Mushkush preferring a different animal analogy.

Has Ken Clarke found the West Lothian Answer? Political Disuasion and Holyrood Chronicles gave their views. rhythmaning looked at the Scottish Governments consultation into Local Income Tax. While Adopter looks at the effects of high oil prices and Bill Camerontells of the police state taking action against ID Card protesters.

In sport Tom Harris poses a follow up to Nicola Sturgeon following one of her answers on BBC’s Question Time.

As summer has arrived allegedly Better Oot than Inshows the wonders of the Athens of the North. After the Glasto bust up of Amy Winhouse Jeff Zycinski reflects on her quieter times in Aberdeen and Caledonian Comment is tickled pink at Boris Johnson’s Pride.

And finally some introspection as Robert Sharp reflects on whether bloggers are campaigners of pseudo journalists.

That’s all folks for this week. Wonder what the next seven days hold. Don’t forget to send your suggestions, either by using the nomination form on the right there or by emailing us at

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