Poverty, taxes and guns (only the happy topics on this blog!)

Hello, and welcome to this week’s roundup!

I simply have to start with Clairwil’s mammoth but excellent post on the subject of poverty and education. Well worth a read.

SNP councillor Jahangir Hanif was suspended by his party this week after the Evening Times published photographs of him firing a Kalashnikov while holidaying in Pakistan. Boxologies failed to see what the fuss was about. Jeff Breslin also felt that the SNP overreacted by suspending Councillor Hanif. But Labour MP Tom Harris was not so sympathetic towards Councillor Hanif’s plight.

Ideas of Civilisation drew a parallel with Mike Watson and noted that such incidents will hit all political parties from time to time.

Louise thinks the only foolish and inappropriate thing that’s happened is the SNP’s decision to suspend him. But for Jim Millar, “Councillor Kalashnikov’s” actions demonstrated a shocking lack of judgement.

Mr Smith puts the blame on the electoral reform for diminishing the calibre of Scotland’s councillors and says he should be forced to resign by the SNP.

It looks as though the SNP are making moves to try and get the support of the Liberal Democrats by making their local income tax proposals more palatable. Here is the Lib Dem take from Lib Dem Voice.

This all happens at a time when Vince Cable appears to be moving the federal party away from LIT. Here is James from Two Doctors with his take on it all.

Meanwhile, Adopted Domain wonders if the SNP would be better off adopting Land Value Tax (as well as considering the SNP’s stances on oil and trams). But ASWAS is not so keen on LVT. Jeff looks at how the numbers add up in Parliament.

Just in case last week’s stooshie over the Saltire appearing on trains wasn’t enough for you, this week a new flag controversy has emerged. The bridge between the two issues is provided by Alasdair.

Jamie Hepburn spotted that the Saltire will be banned from the Beijing Olympics as a result of the Beijing ‘House Rules’ which ban all flags that do not represent an Olympic member.

Scottish Unionist wasn’t too surprised that the SNP latched on to this, but nonetheless felt that the IOC rule is too rigid. Malc in the Burgh is no fan of the rule either. Stephen Glenn pointed out the myriad of different flags he has competed under.

But Political Dissuasion thought it was “one for the CyberNats to go over-the-top on”.

Meanwhile, Anseo has spotted that Scottish Labour leadership candidate Iain Gray is also apparently trying to brainwash people into favouring independence!

While we’re on the Scottish Labour leadership campaign, does Andy Kerr really think that it is the worst job in Scotland as North Britain noticed?

Councillor Ewan Aitken has stood up and said what everyone outside the Labour Party has already realised — they need to face up to the reality and be prepared to change.

Will Patterson asks, where are the websites of the leadership candidates for Labour and the Lib Dems?

David Farrer saw Gordon Brown at the Edinburgh Book Festival. He noted that the PM appears to be much more comfortable and better looking than he is on television!

Over at Open Democracy, David from Britology Watch wonders if the whole of Britain ought to have a say in any referendum on Scottish independence.

North Britain and Alex Massie consider the current state of affairs in South Ossetia. Meanwhile, Cabalamat rounds up commentary on South Ossetia from the blogosphere as a whole.

This week a lecturer suggested that common misspellings should be accepted. Neither Colin Campbell nor Ideas of Civilisation were impressed.

Mr Eugenides did not like what he heard from Michael Gove on the subject of Nuts And / Or Zoo Magazine.

Finally, it’s sad to see another blog shutting down, but it’s time to say goodbye to Alastair’s Heart Monitor.

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  1. Bit bemused that the insiders views of the Lib Dem leadership hustings was overlooked in the roundup. But then if the political press were more enamoured by the book festival just around the corner a ways should I really be surprised.

  2. LOL yeah guess after spending about 3 hours writing them up yesterday afternoon then another 2 hours today Ishould really have come straight here and nominated myself. Ho hum.