The Festival, the Olympics and broadband bother

I still haven’t decided whether this is the first non-political roundup or simply the return of it. Whatever, welcome along and I hope you enjoy what you read and find some good posts that would have otherwise escaped your attention.

By the way, I’m looking for a better name for this thing. ‘Non-political roundup’ doesn’t cut it for me — so if you have any ideas for the name of this roundup then get suggesting in the comments!

It is August which means it’s festival time in Edinburgh. Mr Eugenides does his best to avoid the shenanigans. But Alan Sharp has done the opposite and writes about his experiences entering a stand-up comedy competition. Rather him than me.

Meanwhile, rhythmaning reviews the Steve Reich Evening. Sounds like it was great!

The other event that is rather dominant at the moment is the Olympics. In the wake of Michael Phelps’s enormous medals haul, Scott at Love and Garbage reckons he’s come up with the perfect way to rake in the medals — multiple darts events.

Inchy took a while to get into the spirit for the games, but he got there in the end. Gordon McLean is much more enthusiastic about the Olympics.

In other sport news, Alex Massie considers an historic occasion — Scotland playing the auld enemy in cricket for the first time ever. In the event though, the one-day international was disrupted too much by rain and was abandoned as a draw, which Colin Campbell predicted. I suppose Scotland should be happy with that result. As Colin notes: “Better an honourable rain assisted draw than a shellacking I say.”

Meanwhile, Big Rab defends penalty shoot-outs in football — though I wonder if he would have defended them had Dumbarton lost!

Mike Smith reflects on his school days and concludes that they were not the best days of his life. Mr Farty has fonder memories of his youth, but is not so sure it would be as good if he was young today.

Alanna considers a subject that is probably close to many of our hearts — broadband prices. Meanwhile, Robert Sharp faced a bit of an interrogation when he tried to leave TalkTalk. And Peter at Naked Blog had trouble trying to deal with Virgin.

Mr H lets it all out about the various kinds of people you find in bus shelters. Things don’t get much better when he gets on the bus because he also wants smokers banned from buses. 1st Lady has some observations of her own about buses.

Andrew Learmonth has an amusing post about giving up smoking, and seeing a naked lady in the flat opposite his.

Misssy M reflects on her days as a professional Southern Belle! She reckons that floating around this world somewhere there are around 900 photographs of her wearing a smelly green dress. Personally, I don’t think I’d want to be reminded of the experience, but she seems to want to find some of the photographs.

Big Rab has a bee in his bonnet about funny crisp flavours — and it’s all Thatcher’s fault apparently!

Jaggy had a pretty bad experience as one of those “customers”. He had trouble dealing with the used car salesman (a classic).

Ewan Spence looks at to see who should have won the Eurovision Song Contest.

Lism bemoans the state of music at the moment, particularly all of the “landfill indie” sloshing around at the moment. She concludes that there is much better music coming out of North America at the moment.

Cameron McEwan did not like Mamma Mia. I wasn’t going to see it anyway, but at least Cameron’s review made me smile.

Jack Deighton [full disclosure: he’s my dad!] liked Wall·E a bit more.

1st Lady notes that, despite all the roadworks in Edinburgh at the moment, there are still some fine views.

Finally Woken looks at that most human of traits — being unable to admit when we are wrong.

Cat has spotted a trend that she doesn’t like. Anyone else seen a lot of lovebites recently?

As a nightowl myself, I recognise what Jacq Kelly says about walking through the city at night time.

Dilligaf received an invitation that he couldn’t fail to refuse. Meanwhile, Groanin’ Jock has found some more Chinglish.

Noddy brings us a guessing game. I won’t give it away..

Craig at Craigblog notes the irony of newspapers writing about Peaches Geldof’s desperate attempts to get into the papers.

Mr Farty developed his own twist on the phonetic alphabet.

Finally, Anas has an exclusive: an interview with the pigeon in his kitchen.

So that’s it, the first non-political roundup. Hope you enjoyed it. I have to say, big thanks to Misssy M who provided me with so many great suggestions. I really enjoyed discovering some new blogs. Some of the posts have made me chuckle in an otherwise crappy week so far! Hope you have all enjoyed reading the roundup as well.

The next non-political roundup (GAH! — must get a better name for this) will be on 17 September. It was due to be written by Jacq Kelly from Salt n Sauce, but going by the information in this post that might not be happening. So I’ll see if I can arrange someone else to do it.

In the meantime, please do nominate any great posts or blogs that you know of either by using the easy form on the right of the page, or by emailing Thanks!


  1. I was putting together a list last night and the broadband went down. Turns out it was technical stuff like the telephone cable getting knocked out of the modem. You have picked up on some of the suggestions that I was going to send to you. Great work.