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Apologies for the late arrival of this month’s non-political round-up, but here it is, finally, in all its bloggy glory……


And we kick off with a food review by Carine Seitz which, to the shame of an editor somewhere in Edinburgh, never made it to print, but which is a must-read for food-lovers across the city – not least those with a taste for something Italian. Beware the scallops…


Also on the food front is a short and delightful post by rhythmaning on one of my pet topics – he calls them sossiges and that will do for me. Yum.


Sara suggests a little anodyne for those of us trapped in our hermetically sealed offices each day. Personally I favour her first suggestion, particularly for the Monday after the weekend before.


Those afflicted by camera-inspired shyness might want to ponder understandingglasgow’s post, which touches on the increasing presence of Google Street View cameras across Edinburgh. The devices are yet to have an impact in Glasgow, but watch this space. This blogger urges some snapper on snapper action.


Mike Smith, and Edinburgh-based blogger like myself, is experiencing general malaise and wonders whether the person who coined the term credit crunch took out copyright on the term. Mr Farty however, is more interested in the demolition of a towerblock at Sighthill. Better than the fireworks any day. Noddy, meanwhile, brings some breaking health news.


There’s been a fair bit of this about recently and mid-life Bassist Andy Gilmour is the latest of bloggers to suggest that he might be making an exit from this sphere. After Scottish Tory Boy’s spectacular u-turn on the matter, can Andy be persuaded to follow his example? We can only wait and see.


Michael Greenwell details, after what would appear to be a considerable and tortuous time of coming to terms with the fact, his personal dirty secret. It sullies me even to say it but a Weir’s Way habit would appear to have taken grip on this blogger. We wish you well Michael – stay strong.


David L Blackwood has a strong word or three about the TV licensing authority but John Kirriemuir is having better luck with his new laptop. I know nothing about technology (hence lateness of this post in part) but even I think this new machine has sex appeal. And it has WiFi capabilities too apparently. However, Calum Carr is speaking more my language with this close-call on the typo front. I’m sure we have all been there with embarrassing typos – I know I have.


As well as his amusing rant against dogs and their owners, Shuggy has some thoughts to share on the resignation of Michael Reiss from the Royal Society and John Stewart Mill on freedom of speech.


Anastasia Beaumont-Bott is taken with the latest tartan to hit the market. I was pleased too, assuming it to be something to do with LGBT Scots. However, it is apparently, a tartan for Scots with a Japanese heritage, which is equally exciting.


Craig notes the conduct of Lewis Hamilton during the Italian Grand Prix and asks whether the driver’s attitude could be enough to cost him the world championship and Robert Sharp is intrigued by the field of flash mobile texting – sports commentary takes on a new lease of life.


Stephen Bowman notes a study by the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester. Having written about Cumbernauld in the past and visited it very recently, his post about positive coverage for the town certainly makes interesting reading. Angry Steve gives the story attention also, from the perspective of an Edinburgh resident less than thrilled with the findings for his city.


Cat touches on a topic close to my own heart at the moment – what the devil to do at Christmas and the Family Question. Cameron McEwan meanwhile, brings us some distressing images from the makers of Lego.


As a PSP lover I give my entire sympathy to Jaggy. RIP, PSP.


Susan Dalgety is still on the Road to Dot, this time making me feel terribly boring after an uneventful week while she makes her way from Madagascar to Malawi via Johannesburg marvelling at a convoy of beer on the way. Jealousy lies here.

Alanna touches on a number of subjects. While I’m taken by the post about cats having just dropped my own kitten off at the vets for the removal of his boy-bits [vet parlance], I was equally taken with the news story detailing exactly how to not go about catching a flight.


Duncan also has some in-flight news, this time from Air France, and how not to communicate with your customers – take note chaps.


And finally, Naomi McAuliffe has also been on the road – first to Africa and now to Peru. Check out her account of filming in both locations as part of an all-new Amnesty International campaign. Check it out.


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