October 2008

Mature unionism and immature campaigners

Welcome to this week’s roundup! There has been a lot of talk about David Cameron’s comments on Scottish independence while campaigning in Glenrothes. Many have noted that Cameron’s argument is a lot more mature than a lot of unionist arguments. Alex Massie thinks it’s a breath of fresh air compared to the normal argument that […]

It’s the Stupid Economy

Hi folks… the Roundup is arriving just in time this week, on account of my swanning about in Perth. But more on that later… The economy dominated the blogosphere this week, especially as Gordon Brown took time out from solving the world’s woes to have a pop at Scottish independence. Shuggy reckons that he has […]

Dorothy as Child Tamer and other Useful Life Tips

Having just finished two weeks of off again on  again child taming myself, I could have benefited from Alex Massie’s free advice on child taming. Dorothy and friends works well apparently. The Wizard of Oz transforms cranky tots into goggle-eyed paragons of quiet behaviour. His sister Claudia has a very fine art blog showcasing some […]

A quiet week really…

Sadly there’s going to be no Scottish Roundup this week. I checked and checked but there just didn’t seem to be any worthwhile news taking place in the last few days. Wait, what’s that you say? The near collapse of the world banking system? Capitalism in jeopardy? Marx’s predictions of the inevitable socialist triumph finally […]

Mandelson, the VP debate and lots of ideas from the SNP

Hello, and welcome to this week’s roundup! Probably the most surprising story of the week was Gordon Brown’s decision to give Peter Mandelson a job in the cabinet. Bill Cameron sees it as a sign of desperation from Gordon Brown. Holyrood Watcher wouldn’t be surprised if he had to resign again. Others see the appointment […]