The ghostly roundup

Hello everyone. Profuse apologies are due because not only is this week’s roundup late, it is also a bit cobbled together. Political Dissuasion was due to be this week’s guest editor. But a host of computer troubles has meant that at the last minute he has been unable to publish it. Apparently it was all near enough finished, then just as it was about to be published it disappeared into the internet black hole.

It gets worse because I was very busy this week so I didn’t get the chance to look at the blogs myself so I am not in a position to step in at the last minute.

Political Dissuasion did, however, send me a half-finished draft version of the roundup, which reads as a kind of ghostly version of what the roundup might have been, which at least is fitting seeing as was Halloween this week. I will publish that and add on the few bits and pieces that caught my eye this week.

Welcome to this week’s roundup.

Even with a long-awaited by-election round the corner, a US election coming to a thrilling climax, and the ‘Russell Brand + Jonathan Ross + a burlesque dancer + sex + Manuel’ story, the hot blogosphere topic this week has been hijacked by comments and letters from Norway, sparking a passionate debate on the realistic viability of an independent Scotland.

Taking the Norwegian minister’s comments in hand, unionist bloggers were not slow to claim this was a humiliation for nationalists. Scottish Unionist claims that Salmond faces ridicule in the face of the comments. But after a clarification from the Norwegian Ambassador, the Nationalist blogs were quick off the blocks highlighting how criticism had been misguided. Newcomer Truth About Scotland and Calum Cashley are among many to print the letter whil lay into the misinterpretation of the Norwegian comments and in particular the papers that pushed the story.

Discussion about the Glenrothes by-election was stirred by Scots and Independent’s post highlighting the limits to which Gordon Brown and his wife really ‘campaigned’, claiming the whole scenario was rather embarrassing on more than one level, while Jess the Dog goes to greater lengths, providing visual evidence to hammer home the same point.
SNP Tactical Voting reflects on his own experience of Glenrothes over the years, questioning whether issues important to the Glenrothes residents are being focused upon properly while also highlighting how important this by-election is for both Brown and Salmond.

Stephen Glenn is concerned about the SNP’s tactic of urging member to place bets on an SNP win.

The Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand story – storm in a tea cup, couldn’t care less or offended and outraged? J.Arthur MacNumpty criticises Gordon Brown for even getting involved, while Jeff at SNP Tactical Voting thinks everyone who’s upset by the whole “bally-hoo” needs to turn down their sensitivity/politically-correct dials.


The Unionist/Nationalist causes were given much to shout about this week with thanks to Norway.

And that is where it fizzles out.

I had seen a couple of other posts on the Russell Brand / Jonathan Ross sex-phone scandal storm in a teacup from Clairwil and Bernard Salmon. And I added my own thoughts here.

In US politics, North Britain looked at how a split between Sarah Palin and John McCain is losing them the election. But Malc points out five reasons why McCain hasn’t yet lost.

Jack Deighton wondered why Americans wear poppies on British television.

Daibhi Anseo pondered upon whether or not Nacho Novo is Scottish enough to play for the Scotland football team.

Finally, Adopted Domain looked at Local Income Tax.

You may also remember a couple of months ago I mentioned the Scotweb2 event on this blog. That took place this week and I wrote a report on it here.

I’m afraid that is all there is. But to make up for this week’s snafu, there will be no fewer than three roundups in the coming week. First up on Tuesday is a special roundup dedicated to the US Presidential Election. Then on Thursday night there will be a Glenrothes by-election special. Both roundups will be edited by Will Patterson.

Next Sunday’s roundup will appear as normal. I will be in the hot seat for that one, and I’ll make sure to look through the posts from the past week as well as the coming week for inclusion in that roundup.

So there is lots of action coming up this week, so we will need your nominations more than ever. Please suggest anything interesting by using the form on the right or by emailing us at Thanks!

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