What you weren’t told about pregnancy, job hunting, travelling, gigs…

Hello everyone and a warm welcome to this month’s non-political Scottish blogging roundup. Yes, it’s another dip into the weird and wonderful thoughts of Scottish bloggers, and the issues that are affecting their lives.

Fiona at Nintendo and Chocolate has a hilarious post about the unspoken truths of pregnancy.

Hunting for a job (I know the feeling), Adullamite rails against human resources departments. But as an HR man himself, Mike Smith defends the profession.

Craig writes about his experiences of being related to someone with Down’s Syndrome. He concludes that, far from being a burden, his presence is enriching.

On Remembrance Sunday, Jeff Zycinski wrote about his father who ended up in Glasgow as a result of his role in the Second World War.

Mr H found yet another thing to add to his ever-increasing list of why Scotchland sucks, noticing an alarming black hole of time in the North Bridge area of Edinburgh!

Amid the news that Croatian Christmas parties in the public sector are to be banned, Mike Smith is on the verge of booking his tickets.

Rhythmaning took a trip to the Tate Modern to see the Mark Rothko exhibition. Sounds great. Staying with art, Finally Woken takes a look at Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

A bit more contemporary is Jack Vettriano, the subject of a post by Niall at the Mushkush Miscellany. He broaches the topic that always surrounds Vettriano — the gulf between the public’s love for him and the art establishment’s total indifference to him.

Meanwhile, Misssy M writes about a print of a painting she has in her house. But it has caused a stir among guests.

On his travels, John Connell spotted two churches sharing practically the same patch of ground. What would make them do such a thing? Check the comments there to find out.

Speaking of travelling, Jeff of SNP Tactical Voting fame has set off on his travels and has set up Jeff and Ann’s Stamp Collection. In this post, Jeff introduces us to the concept of flashpacking.

Meanwhile, Colin Campbell alerts us to the dangers of travelling.

But transport does have one upside — the weird and wonderful conversations that you can listen in to, as 1st Lady did this month.

Tom Harris made the mistake of watching Newsnight Review and ended up wondering, why is Will Self so up himself?

As rumours that Top of the Pops may be making a return increase, Mike Smith ponders why TOTP is no longer around.

Remaining in a musical vein, Gordon McLean found himself walking out of a Sigur Rós gig. How can a band that sounds so good on CD be such a disappointing live act?

Lis also walked out of a gig, but for slightly different reasons.

Andrew writes about the phenomenon of The 27 Club. As he’s hit 27 himself, he wonders if he’s done enough with his life.

The Tomahawk Kid lacked a bit of tact when an old flame phoned him up.

If you find that a bit confusing, Finally Woken brings us a guide on what to expect if you want to date a British man. And by the way, why are they — and people in general — so obsessed with breats?

Perhaps equally perplexing, Alanna asks why it is that women find the appeal in men having a fight.

Jack Deighton takes a look at library book sales — perhaps a great way to get a bargain.

Mr Farty was asked, “Have you always had a beard?”

Big Rab brings us a selection of jokes that will only be understood by Scots. And a couple of amusing comments by his daughter.

Finally, I spotted a new social network centred around Scotland called Scotster. I’m not sure it’s my cup of tea, but it might be of interest to some readers.

I think that will do for this month. Where were all the nominations though? We need more, so get them in by using the form on the right or by emailing scottishroundup@gmail.com. Also get in touch if you fancy editing the roundup one month. I still haven’t decided who will do it next month, so if you fancy doing it then let me know! Thanks.

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