It’s the economy, stupid

There’s really only one show in town this week and that’s the Pre-Budget Report. Delivered on Tuesday, it’s kept the Scottish blogosphere talking ever since.

Holyrood Patter was unimpressedwith the 2.5% cut in VAT, explaining how little he would have saved had he bought his Ipod after the cut. Wholly Rude wasn’t wholly impressed either. Stephen made the argument that it was a regressive cut which wouldn’t help the poor. This was a point on which I differed from Stephen! 

Adopted Domain felt that this was a political budget, with J.Arthur MacNumpty feeling that it would be the next parliament who would really have to take the tough decisions.

Interestingly, most of the discussions were about what taxes were cut in the PBR rather than the principle of borrowing to boost demand, although Two Doctors and Holyrood Chronicles still raised doubts.

The debate moved beyond the Blogosphere with light-hearted video’s for both Labour and the Tories.

Lest we forget that this started as a banking crisis the Merger Action Group are still protesting with regards to the competition commissions involvement (or lack of involvement) in the merger, and Callum Cashley is continuing his campaign.

However the economy is not the only big issue concerning the Scottish blogosphere, there was also the small matter of our democracy apparently imploding with the arrest of Damian Green. Both Stephen and Malc looked at the potential repercussions of this for our democracy, although Tom Harris was more timid in his criticisms of what had happened, suggesting that this was not in Labour’s interest; Jess disputed the Met’s impartiaity however.

The Glasgow South MP hascaused a bit of a stir defending some of the more ceremonial aspects of our democracy also.

All in all a very serious week with the Scotish blogosphere providing excellent analysis and a real medium for intelligent debate, I’m Yousuf and it’s been a pleasure providing this week’s roundup!

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