December 2008

Hallelujah! Christmas comes early for the blogosphere

Afternoon all! Or indeed, “mornin’” or “evenin’” depending when you are reading this. As part of the “Best Political Team in the Blogosphere” the privilege of writing this week’s round-up has fallen to me. I’ll try not to screw up too badly. With the bells ringing out for Christmas it is no surprise that bloggers […]

Non-Political Blog Round-Up: or NoPoBloRo?

Welcome to the snappily named Non-Political Roundup or the NoPoBloRo as I’m going to call it for the duration of the post in the hope that it might catch on. First up is Gordon of One Man Blogs who found Christmas Shopping was not the relaxing spiritual journey he had hoped. On a similar note, […]

Save Gordon, Save the World!

Hi folks! This, for the record, is the first Roundup under the new team system, and I’ve been looking forward to it, primarily because it allows me to refer to the ‘Best Political Team in the Blogosphere’, in the style of CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. As the Wolfman is a personal hero of mine, that’s no […]

The roundup team!

The response to my plea for help was better than I had expected, so thanks to everyone who got in touch about that. The team has been put together, and a number of Scotland’s best political bloggers are now contributing to the roundup on a more regular basis. I will elaborate on our plans more […]

From Damian Green to Christmas in the Tom Harris household

Here we are, whilst the “yoof” are out doing whatever it is the “yoof” do on a Saturday evening, yours truly is sat in front on his laptop compiling for everyone the weeks happs in the blogosphere. I can take solace from the fact that I have some wine to sip on whilst I compile […]