From Damian Green to Christmas in the Tom Harris household

Here we are, whilst the “yoof” are out doing whatever it is the “yoof” do on a Saturday evening, yours truly is sat in front on his laptop compiling for everyone the weeks happs in the blogosphere. I can take solace from the fact that I have some wine to sip on whilst I compile this post.


The continuation of the saga surrounding the arrest of the Conservative MP Damian Green continues and on Wednesday the speaker of the House of Commons, the Glasgow MP Michael Martin, made his statement. The biggest talking post was that the police had no warrant to search the premises of the Ashford MP. Whilst the BBC’s Scottish Political Editor, Brian Taylor, noted “evident and widespread sympathy for Michael Martin” few others seemed to notice it. Guido Fawkes lambasted the speaker, describing him as the most chippy useless speaker to have sat in that chair” before going on to say that he is a “terrible champion of parliamentary democracy”. Labour Group leader at City of Edinburgh Council, Andrew Burns, also picks up on the story here but it’s safe to say that not many so far have gone as far as Labour MP Bob Marshall-Andrews who today has called for the speaker to resign.


Keeping on with the Green chat. My favourite bastion of Greenness on the blogosphere, Two Doctors, broke the story surrounding the redundancies at the Herald and the associated papers and notes the importance of media in a democracy – it‘s a bleak time for the print press. Yours truly picks up the story as does Debatable Land picks up on the story under the doom and gloom title of the death of Ink. Managing Director of the group, Tim Blott, featured on Newsnight on Thursday evening and it’s reasonably fair to say that Gordon Brewer tortured him with Mr. Blott saying over and over again that this was an exciting time for the Herald group. It didn’t strike me that Brewer really believed Mr. Blott’s assessment of things.


Another big talking point was the Homecoming Caledonia video, described by Malc of MalcintheBurgh fame as “pretty cringy.” It can be seen in all it’s (lack of) glory here. Turns out that £150k was spent on the video yet it’s only being shown in Scotland – a colossal waste of money. Hardly going to attract ex pats back to Scotland if the video is only shown in cinemas in Scotland. It wasn’t just bloggers that were able to have a laugh at the video. Conservative MSP David McLetchie also pocked fun at the appearance of Sean Connery during Thursday’s Local Government finance debate:


“I was delighted to note the participation of Sir Sean Connery in the homecoming television advert. I am sure that we would all welcome the permanent homecoming of Sir Sean, and no one more than Mr Swinney, given that the resumption of tax residence in Scotland by Sir Sean would go a significant way towards plugging the gaping financial hole in Mr Swinney’s local income tax plans. I ask myself whether Sir Sean might once again ride to the rescue of the Scottish National Party in its hour of financial crisis. On this occasion, I do not think so, but we never know.”


Labour blogster Yapping Yousuf seems to have caused a bit of a stir with a story about some of his friends meeting SNP MSP, and serial motioner, Jamie Hepburn in a boozer in Glasgow. Bit of a strange post from Yapping Yousuf but it was nominated so it‘s included in the Roundup. He redeems himself slightly with a return to more analytical thought, this time pontificating on the effect that a return to front line politics for Charles Kennedy would have on the dwindling fortunes of the Liberal Democrats. Wouldn’t do the party any harm I wouldn’t imagine. Many believe that the primary reason that the Lib Dems did so well in the 2005 General Election was their opposition to the Iraq war but you can’t underestimate the role that Charles Kennedy played in their success that year.


Fresh from an incredibly entertaining speech in the aforementioned Local Government finance debate on Thursday, SNP Finance Guru John Swinney caused a bit of a star with an admission, albeit one I suspect he didn‘t mean to go out, that he hates surgeries and this story has been picked up by both CrapHolyroodChat and the Right Student. A very funny story, but I wouldn’t want to be Swinney’s assistant.. Nice wee exclusive for CrapHolyroodChat though and one picked up on by the Sun newspaper.


The following post was suggested to us under the title “Two Doctors comes out” which amazed me as he hadn’t mentioned anything in our chats this week. Alas, the thing that the bright light of Scottish Greenism admits to is a fondness for legislation. Takes all sorts I guess.


I have to admit, I don’t really get into the festive spirit all that much these days, despite being an only child, but the same cannot be said for Labour MP Tom Harris who is positively frothing at the mouth in anticipation. Taking a break from posting various links to you tube videos of his festive songs, the Glasgow MP this week admits to a strong dislike of Colin and Justin and isn’t happy at their return to our, and particularly his, Television screens.


Anyway, that’s this week’s roundup. My usual musings can be found here.


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