The roundup team!

The response to my plea for help was better than I had expected, so thanks to everyone who got in touch about that.

The team has been put together, and a number of Scotland’s best political bloggers are now contributing to the roundup on a more regular basis. I will elaborate on our plans more fully when I have the time, but for the time being here is a list of the people who are now helping out on the political roundup:

As you can see, membership is pretty hefty now. But I’ll leave the door open for anyone who wants to join, and if I think their presence would improve the balance of the team then that’ll be great.

Meanwhile, there hasn’t been much of a response when it comes to helping out on the non-political roundup. Just Sara and I are on the team for that for the time being, so I would be grateful if more people could come forward.


  1. Armin, it certainly does! All the old ways of nominating stuff for inclusion remain open, and I’ve seen what you tagged earlier today. I’ll let Misssy M know about it. That is only the fifth time that Delicious tag has ever been used though!