Non-Political Blog Round-Up: or NoPoBloRo?

Welcome to the snappily named Non-Political Roundup or the NoPoBloRo as I’m going to call it for the duration of the post in the hope that it might catch on.

First up is Gordon of One Man Blogs who found Christmas Shopping was not the relaxing spiritual journey he had hoped.

On a similar note, Big Rab of The Ben Lomond Free Press loses it over Christmas Muzak in them  there Dumbarton shops. I’m assuming he has Radio Scotland playing in his own pet shop at this time of year. The hamsters are calmed by the voice of Tom Morton, apparently.

And then there’s Loth, who isn’t as pleased as Aled Jones’s Mum was on hearing the news that her son is to join the school choir.

Quite rightly, Mr Farty is incensed at the standard of science teaching in our schools, but please, no one offer him a chemistry teacher’s job until my kids are safely out of the school system, eh?

It’s the time of year where lists abound in the press. Top ten this and that, best of that and this.  But who to trust? The Guardian? The NME? Q Magazine? Well, you could do a lot worse than have a look at Andy Learmonth’s Top Ten Albums of the Year. Not a Viva La Vida in sight. Lucky devil didn’t even have to pay for them, either.

Read the latest in Random Burbling’s series (a possible memoir in the making, Alan?) on his first year as a stand-up comedian. Remember, he does it so you don’t have to.

Over in Egypt, ex-pat Scot Trailing Grouse is worried about what Freud would say about her  first  etchings from her art class. Maybe she’s particularly worried that he’d say “Trailing grouse, I sink you are suffering from ze Pencil Envy”.  C’mon, I couldn’t resist….

To keep us all chipper until the Winter Solstice, Peter of the Naked Blog is posting a beautiful photo a day from his archives for you to do with what you will (and he’s also doing a little accompanying blog in case you think he’s just posting photos). None of those photos involve nakedness, as the blogname might suggest. But he maybe does requests.

On the subject of nudity, kind of, Cat over at The Cat Girl Speaks thinks that Glamour Magazine is living in a dream world with their pronouncement of the average amount of sexual partners a girl might have. That dream world being one filled with pretty dull dreams, then.

The banks have pretty much ruined everyone’s year, but now they’ve gone and ruined Billy The Kid’s Christmas as well. What a bunch of utter gits. What next? Bank tellers drowning puppies in the bank foyer?

The Scottish Patient pays tribute to Scotland’s greatest living poet, Edwin Morgan. If they ever find Nessie, you know it’s going to sound exactly like he said it would.

And will anyone notice if I cheekily stick one of my own posts in? Ah, well, forgive me, but it’s all in spirit of public service. Read my carefully researched Christmas Party Survival Guide and avoid no end of seasonal embarrassment. Don’t thank me, I’ll only get embarrassed.

Scots bloggers have, as usual, been busy documenting the issues of the day. A full dissection of the end of Woolworths has featured in the blogs of Jeffzycinski, IndyGal, Last Years Girl, Zippykins, Jack Deighton and The Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe, amongst others. Firstly, how many of you had your first Saturday job there? Secondly how many of you pinched the odd Pick and Mix.  not me, officer, not me…

Talking of disasters, this time round Angry Steve is angry about the Edinburgh roadworks. Flippin’ trams better be like something out of Bladerunner, that’s what I say.

The Crayfish Diaries celebrates a first ever achievement. The world over people get crap haircuts, are shown them in a mirror and when asked if it’s okay, meekly reply “Yes, very nice”, then go home to cry and wait for it to grow back. Not this Crayfish!

Nintendo and Chocolate is having bum trouble. Would it be pushing it to suggest that she makes this a regular feature? Top tip: maybe don’t read whilst eating your tea.

Oh and we’ve a recipe from Islay!

And finally…the weather, as reported by  Man About the House. Check out his musings on snow and his beautiful photographs, not least the last one of the wee Christmas Elf.

It’s been a pleasure, treasures.

Merry Christmas.

Misssy M of The Misssives