Hallelujah! Christmas comes early for the blogosphere

Afternoon all! Or indeed, “mornin’” or “evenin’” depending when you are reading this. As part of the “Best Political Team in the Blogosphere” the privilege of writing this week’s round-up has fallen to me. I’ll try not to screw up too badly.

With the bells ringing out for Christmas it is no surprise that bloggers have been a bit quieter this week. However, there’s still plenty going on…

The Scotsman’s new blog “The Steamie” featured some fun stuff this week, and it is proving a popular addition to the blogosphere. However, Stephen Glenn is a bit miffed as he seems to have been ignored in his attempts to join their blogroll!

Scottish Tory Boy kicks off the campaigning on his blog… no, not for the election (next year?) but in support of attempts to get Jeff Buckley’s version of Hallelujah to top the charts for Christmas.

Music of a different sort, as Hamish Macdonnell tells us how four MSPs took to the stage at the Labour Christmas bash to perform as Boyzone… no doubt actually better than the real thing. And still on the music theme, James at Two Doctors laughs at the Scottish Government for confusing Caledonia with… Catalonia.

Ewan Aitken agrees with Brian Taylor on the principle behind directly elected health boards. He is, however, sceptical about the need for them. Ideas of Civilisation and Will Patterson add their thoughts.

Despite taking an extended holiday in South-East Asia, Jeff manages to find the time to defend the SNP’s record in reducing the number of Quangoes… while back in Scotland, Richard Havers considers the potential sale of Edinburgh Airport and the impact it will have on customers.

David Maddox spots a “left field” motion from everyone’s favourite eccentric MSP while Crap Holyrood Chat has another one from the one-man-motion-machine that is Kenny Gibson.

Westworld takes a pop at Labour MSP Mary Mulligan for what he thinks is Crap Holyrood Chat. Stephen Glenn has more on the story.

Also this week:

Scott at Love and Garbage questions the legal system

Calum Cashley “speculates” on why Labour have moved out of John Smith house.

Yousuf rubs his hands at a new poll which he thinks brings plenty festive cheer to Labour in Scotland… but looks like leaving the Lib Dems with only coal in their stockings.

Holyrood Chronicles bemoans the lack of tradition upon Royal Mail’s stamps… pointing out that two men dressed as women are no Santa and Rudolf.

Bernard Salmon points out Lib Dem attempts to harness the “YouTube generation” and calls on leader Tavish Scott to start his own blog. He’d certainly be a welcome addition to the Scottish blogosphere.

And as one new blog might be in the pipeline, another falls to that other mistress we bloggers call “life”. Mark McDonald announced his (hopefully short) break from blogging at Granite City. The birth of his (excellently named!) son and his council duties have taken over his time. I’m sure I speak for the whole blogosphere when I say “Haste Ye Back!”

And I guess that’s your lot for the week. There will be no round-up next week with Christmas on the go, but Will Patterson will be your host on January 4th. As usual you can nominate posts by emailing scottishroundup@gmail.com or completing the wee form on the right.

Merry Christmas and all the blogging best for 2009 from the Scottish Round-up team!

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