January 2009

A new President, an old Poet and a Big Beast

Hi folks! I’d open the Roundup by quoting some Burns at you, but frankly, you’ll have heard quite enough from the Bard by the end of the week. In any case, there have, as always, been lots of reasons for bloggers to take to their keyboards, not all of them poetry related. Firstly, people seemed […]

Robert Burns and twice-baked potatoes

Hello and welcome to another non-political roundup highlighting some great Scottish blogs. I’m Sara from A Zippy Adventure.  As Scotland’s year of homecoming kicks off, why not head over to Aye We Can!  which aims to “capture the creative and satirical spirit of Robert Burns though the creative potential of the net”. A more traditional […]

The truth, the whole truth…

Hello and welcome to my maiden roundup! Many thanks to Duncan for taking what some might consider to be a risk in allowing me to join the team. But rest assured: I’ll be as objective as humanly possible! There are currently 108 Scottish political blogs listed at Total Politics, and so I had imagined that […]

Money money money

Hello and welcome to this week’s roundup. Politics got right into full swing again this week following the Christmas break. But first thoughts should turn to the ongoing situation in Gaza. Caron shared the thoughts of a friend. Meanwhile, Stephen Glenn took up Iain Dale’s challenge to see events from an Israeli perspective. The Daily […]

And so to 2009

Happy new year folks! It may have been the season of peace and goodwill, but there was still plenty for bloggers to think about as the curtain fell on 2008, and 2009 staggered drunkenly into the world. Of course, it’s fashionable to look back at the past year, though no one did so with the […]