Robert Burns and twice-baked potatoes

Hello and welcome to another non-political roundup highlighting some great Scottish blogs. I’m Sara from A Zippy Adventure. 

As Scotland’s year of homecoming kicks off, why not head over to Aye We Can!  which aims to “capture the creative and satirical spirit of Robert Burns though the creative potential of the net”. A more traditional take on the bard can be  found at Robert Burns’ letters

Talking of “home”, Silversprite is interested to hear your views and also notes the point of the winter solstice from the Outer Hebrides.

Elsewhere in the country, why not take a gander at The Islay Weblog  or if you are the twittering type discover what Islayers (?), Islayites (?) are saying by visiting

 You could also take a peek at  Inveraray (and indeed other gorgeous pictures from around the country) in the Gloaming

Heading back down to Scotland’s Second City head over to the blog and podcast from For the Love of G…lasgow

Further Glasgow banter comes courtesy (or should that be with a lack of courtesy?) of Limmy

So has anyone made any new years resolutions? Anyone wondering about finding love online should perhaps have a look at TheCatGirl Speaks or there’s always Mike Smith’s Easytoplease Computing Dating Agency

Perhaps you have an urge to travel – so you could read the adventures of Edinburgh couple Neil and Gwen or perhaps see what Jeff and Ann are up to overseas.

My resolution is to cook proper meals (my eating habits are now worse then when I was a student) so I’ve been looking for inspiration from domestikate  and  Wendy at A Wee Bit of Cooking. Twice-baked potatoes, yummy.

In other assorted news, Duncan provides a comprehensive history of the highs, lows and demise of his former employer, premier purveyor of pick n mix, Woolworths.   What will become of all those laundry hooks?

The Beeb announced the new Doctor Who this month. As most of us were going ‘who he?’ Stuff on TV considered some possible lady companions for Hot Scot David Tennant’s replacement. Please god not Lily Allen. 

 …and finally a post to brighten up your day from Nintendo and Chocolate: Why do men have nipples? 

Well, that’s it for this roundup, thanks for reading, it’s been a pleasure, tip your waitress, try the veal etc (by the by, is it still not ‘politically correct’ to enjoy veal? Because I think it’s delicious). The next non political roundup will be on Wednesday 18th February and we need an editor. If you can oblige or would like to nominate some posts, please do so by emailing: