February 2009

I have a title

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s roundup! Political action has been a bit thin on the ground this week, but there has still been some excellent blogging for us to highlight. Unfortunately, though, disaster has hit this week’s roundup. I had spent all afternoon writing it when, just as I was almost finished, I […]

How To Get To Heaven From Scotland…

A break from the politics then, with your monthly round-up of the other bits and pieces that have got Scotland’s ever-passionate bloggers talking. I’m Lis, or Last Year’s Girl, behind the scenes at Scottish Roundup for the first time. Starting on a serious note this month, Jamie Ross was a teenage English student until he […]

Old Taxes and New Ministers

What a week! We found out that LIT is now in a coma for at least two years, that Ministers happily accept invitations to resign, that Glasgow has new MSP and that the Treaty of Rome’s provisions for the free movement of people which got people so riled last week doesn’t actually apply if the […]

Outbreak of Peace – Rumours Exaggerated

Brought to you by Andy, aka Justified Spinner, aka andy sharp. Hi All, New experiences are supposed to broaden the mind, so… here goes. First up, and it’s sober stuff indeed…… The sad news about the passing of Bashir Ahmad, the first Asian member of the Scottiish parliament. Many tributes on this from all sides, […]

The Budget that Never Was, or is Yet to Be

So there you have it folks, a nice quiet week in the Scottish Blogosphere. Move along now nothing to see here, no name calling, no controversy, nothing for Scotland to concern the world with.   Oh! What? Oh, you do want to hear about the Budget Bill, build up, vote and the aftermath then?   Well […]