The Budget that Never Was, or is Yet to Be

So there you have it folks, a nice quiet week in the Scottish Blogosphere. Move along now nothing to see here, no name calling, no controversy, nothing for Scotland to concern the world with.


Oh! What? Oh, you do want to hear about the Budget Bill, build up, vote and the aftermath then?


Well the talking point of the week was obviously the Budget that never was, isn’t yet to be that occurred in Holyrood.  The “Best Political Team in the Blogosphere“  were most helpful in their recommendations to be included.  One of them suggested “Everyone in the Scottish blogosphere on the budget/ fall out/ prognosis – good luck sorting that out Stephen!”


Gee thanks guys! So therefore it was probably a good idea that I starting writing this up on Thursday once the dust had started to settle.


In the wee small hours of Budget Day James gave us (rather than his biographer) a bit of a Green insight into the goings on that would lead to the final vote. I picked up on the unrest as well. 


 In the immediate aftermath of the casting vote of the Presiding Officer felling the budget all hell broke loose. Richard Thompson pointed the finger at the Green Party, with James pre-emptively defending the party line while Jeff nailed it to a failure of planning. Lib Dem Finance spokesman Jeremy Purvis made a podcast  to explain the Lib Dem stance over the vote. 


What followed was talk as to what the parties could do to get a budget passed and whether there would be a shift from the SNP to accommodate. James lampooned the Lib Dems for their budget stance U-turn. Scottish Secretary Jim Millar thought the Greens had overplayed their hand and now risked losing everything though Kevin Williamson backed the Greens for sticking to their principles. Jamie Cooke described Mr Salmond’s approach as the Scottish Parliament being “held to ransom by one man’s ego”. The ego theme was one that I  also followed while others  talked to arrogance and saw media manipulation in the SNP approach.


After a night’s sleep some of the Scottish Blogosphere was more reflective Malc and Will gave their analysis, Bernard Salmon offered some Lib Dem alternative solutions while Ideas of Civilisation pointed out that it wasn’t the end of the world. Will and Caron also looked at where we were are heading next.


The Thurday’s FMQs, live blogged by Malc, led Yousuf Hamid to suggest that the First Minister’s “attack dog” antics could risk the embryonic post-budget consensus. Yousuf then questionedwhether the Nats actually wanted a deal with Labour. Newly discovered blogger The Grumpy Spindoctor also wondered why the First Minster wanted to heap blame quite squarely on the shoulders of the Labour Party not Messrs Harvie and Harper.


Jeff thinks we may by the end of the week be able to draw a line under it all. Well see what the next couple of weeks brings. (Hope Andy  and Will have an easier time writing up Mark II)


There was other news too. 


The budget wasn’t Alex Salmond’s first black spot of the week. There was the Kofi Annan and Rabbie Burns, who was actually Adam Smith, issue A Leaky Chanter, Yousuf and Scottish Unionist all had their say on the matter.


News that four of their noble Lordships may have been taking money for asking questions was defended by Tom Harris while Tartan Hero unsurprisingly takes a different view. Mr Eugenides points out that if you accept having money sloshing around politics, you must expect scandals. Later in the week while other heads were diverted by the budget Holyrood Chronicles pointed out that the Times were digging deeper, and closer to Holyrood and Cybernat found an issue right on Gordon Brown’s doorstep.


The BBC were making rather than merely producing the news this week over their refusal to screen the Disaster Emergency Committee’s Appeal for Gaza. Malc in the Burgh and Lison the BBC’s stance on the DEC appeal although I unearthed footage that the message was sneaking out anyway.


In light of the fuel company’s strike over foreign jobs Callum Cashley asks are Gordon Brown’s comments xenophobic.


In an interesting angle on the energy debate Neil Craigon the fatalities caused by wind power vis nuclear.Elsewhere Cabalamat is worried about a boadband tax for the UK. A Leaky Chanterspots another questionably truthful remark by Alex Salmond. Localish boy Duncanshares the news of Glenrothes winning the Carbuncle award (and what he thought about it being nominated).


David Dugdale pointed out Cllr Fraser Macpherson and his look at the SNP and the Edinburgh Accommodation Allowance. Mr Hexplored the educational standards at Telford College.


Tory Bear brings a story about Iain Gray, Scottish Labour leader, threatening members of his party’s youth organisation.


For a little introsepction Gus reviews Alex Massie’s move to the Spectator… and his dodgy photographs. While Caronlooks at Tom Harris’s spelling clause in his comments policy.


Well that’s it for another week folks. I hope I’ve done justice to a complex week of goings on here in Scotland. If not you can address complaints to Mr A. Salmond c/o Bute House


Next week the baton passes from West to East Lothian as Andy Sharp who will be making a Round Up editorial debut. So go easy on him. As ever in the meantime keep those  suggestions flowing to, or fill in the form thingumygig on the right. Cheerio and toodle pip!

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