March 2009

Just when you thought you knew what was going on…

Hi folks! It’s been a weird week – there have been a couple of odd twists and turns that no one would really have expected and you could be forgiven for thinking that there were a few early April Fools kicking around. Turns out that truth is stranger than fiction. Read on… The first shock […]

Polls, the Pope, AWS and the importance of the Lib Dem Conference

Ah, irony.  You’ve got to love it.  I’m back in the hotseat this week, and we begin with everyone’s favourite political party – the Lib Dems – and a round-up of their conference. LID DEM CONFERENCE So, with that out of the way… Just kidding.  The Liberal Democrat conference marked a first for the Scottish […]

Learning good journalism, Scottish, Twitter and swears

Hello, and welcome to this month’s NoPoScoBloRo. Or non-political roundup if you like the old clunky, more more sensible way. This is our monthly look back at what’s been great in the world of Scottish blogging. There has been a lot of talk lately about the standards of certain newspapers. See the latest political roundup […]

Dunblane Survivors Are Normal People Shock Horror

Tim Ireland and Stewart Kirkpatrick both have a go at the Scottish Sunday Express, which is shocked that the Dunblane survivors, who are now 18, behave like teenagers. Apparently some of them even drink alcohol! And have sex! Says Kirkpatrick: The “story” reveals that a couple of Dunblane survivors are 18 now and have been […]

Morals and Ethics and Carnal Forbearance

Hi folks! This week has been something of a morass of morality, which makes a pleasant change from the usual dreary economic headlines. Perhaps we’re just recessioned out. Anyway, we start with Tom Harris MP, who caused a stooshie this week when he posted his reflections on teenage pregnancies and a society that tolerates them. […]

… But will he have the temerity to also claim his free bus pass?

How things change. One day you are being praised for having a unique understanding of business, the next you are responsible for a collapsed banking system, when all this time you had been squandering the assets of a once proud institution. As if you couldn’t earn enough disdain from the general public, you also get […]