April 2009

Starkey Raving Bonkers

A belated hi, folks! Despite the headline, it goes without saying (which is, on reflection, why I didn’t say it in the headline) that the main story this week was the Budget. Still, whatever reservations we may have about the content, at least this one passes easily enough… Anyway. Mr. Eugenides proves once again that […]

Smears, Shipyards, Sorry, and Saltires

Political Roundup By Holyrood Patter A very Glasgow based week on the Scottish blogosphere. The UK Cabinet rolled into Glasgow, but a lot the attention seemed to be on the activities of the cabinet ministers in the day, rather than the Q an A with 300 carefully selected Labour officials, sorry, the cross section of […]

In Between Talking About the Football

No Po Sco Blo Ro Not fluent Judoon, but – with apologies for the delay – a welcome to the non-political Scottish blogging round-up which gathers together a series of the best of the non-political posts from the Scottish blogosphere. Having volunteered to do this review I have increased admiration for those that have completed […]

*IMPORTANT notice for RSS subscribers*

The new address for the RSS feed: Here is an important notice for those loyal readers of Scottish Roundup who subscribe to the RSS feed. You may have noticed that no posts have appeared in the RSS feed since 29 March. This is an issue that has affected all four of my blogs, not […]

Bloggers react to the death of Ian Tomlinson

Hello, and welcome to this week’s roundup. The Scottish Parliament might be in recess just now, but there have still been plenty of stories keeping bloggers glued to their keyboards. Fresh video evidence surrounding the death of Ian Tomlinson has raised fresh questions about the conduct of the police during the G-20 protests. Malc thinks […]

The quality of democracy is/is not* strained…

*Delete as  appropriate… Probably the biggest single controversy in the Scottish blogosphere last week surrounded the decision to cancel First Minister’s Questions in respect of the tragic loss of life in the North Sea helicopter crash.  Why? Lord George Foulks MSP weighed in with the accusation that Salmond was just playing politics. Kezia thinks he […]