May 2009

One down, 645 to go…

Well, folks, this has been a week and a half. Well, actually, it’s been one week, no more and no less, but you know what I mean. The morass of spurious expenditure claims issued by members of the Commons has now reached the point where even seasoned, charming, witty, dashing and drop dead gorgeous political […]

Here comes the summer…

Right then, here we go, my first ScoBloRoPoNo. No. NoScoRoPoNo. No. Now I’ve got it, NoPoScoBloRo! While I’ve got plenty of experience writing the Islay Blogging Roundup (which was inspired by the Scottish Roundup) this is the first time I’m writing a NoPoScoBloRo. Hopefully I can take you on a journey through a few Scottish […]

The swines!

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s roundup. Massive apologies for the lateness of the roundup this week. I was busy last night watching the Eurovision Song Contest. Congratulations, incidentally, to Norway — although I don’t see what was so great about it that it was the runaway winner. The party atmosphere of the ESC […]

Money for nothing and the digs are free

Here we are then, another week, another roundup and no prizes for guessing what’s first up. Yes, politicians and their expenses. The storm is still brewing as revelations are dribbled out so this roundup may well be a part one of two. To start on a positive note however, Bellgrove Belle reminds us that not […]

This little piggy went…

Hostile hams, kurkis polished up to a wicked political sheen, expenses paper cuts which run to the bone. Yelping, squalling, wheezing. Wide eyed denial. Implausible support.All in all, a fairly typical week in political life, where never one day passes, but some poor heart does break. Typically to general hilarity. From the Scottish blogging perspective, […]