Money for nothing and the digs are free

Here we are then, another week, another roundup and no prizes for guessing what’s first up. Yes, politicians and their expenses. The storm is still brewing as revelations are dribbled out so this roundup may well be a part one of two.

To start on a positive note however, Bellgrove Belle reminds us that not all politicians are living the high life and the untainted MP Tom Harris not only wonders if some people will ever be happy with MPs’ expenses but also points to the silver lining that “things can only get better”. Caron pragmatically sees the furore as an opportunity to ensure once and for all that the days of excess are over.

Subrosa beat the Telegraph rush and focussed on Margaret Beckett’s rather excessive protection system while Political Dissuasion thought it might all end up with Ed Balls being made a scapegoat, given he is the Labour party’s Joey Barton (an anaolgy that works rather well actually). And if Tory Bear is to be believed with his Saturday night teaser, PD could well be onto something. Two Doctors brings us right up to date with expenses scandals for the week by noting Alex Salmond has proved that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Darker news may be waiting in the wings however, the end of blogging as we know it! Yes, Mr Eugenides gives us a thorough consideration of what charging for online news may mean going forward. Big Mouth Gary has been wondering how, or even if, such a system would work.

Kezia Dugdale rolled up her sleeves and took the SNP to task not once, twice but thrice in the one post. Forward News followed up with a concern that Scotland is lacking a Government, a view seemingly solely based on the number of bills the SNP have passed relative to Labour back in the day. Perhaps they are doing less better? Just a thought.

The European Elections got a bit of a look-in this week. Clairwil and Kezia Dugdale were excited to receive their polling cards. I can’t imagine either will be voting for the independent Scottish candidate at The Party’s Over who has been concerned at our corrupt politicians. Julie Hepburn managed to take a break from Euro campaigning to rejoin the blogging fray while Anseo can barely contain himself and considers who he would vote for if he lived elsewhere.

It might not just be Euro elections we have to consider if Advanced Media Watch and David Cameron get their way, both called for a General Election as soon as possible this week.

Crap Holyrood Chat was concerned that there have been too many congratulations banded out to lowly Scottish football teams. Doctor Vee takes a different approach, celebrating some rare success for Dumbarton FC.

Alex Massie picks up on an anecdote to consider how Gordon Brown being a son of the manse may have affected his personality.

Richard Havers delights us with the world’s most expensive photo.

Neil Craig was deeply concerned that we’re being lied to about radiation poisoning.

Richard Thomson had a piece in The Guardian this week, plugging a book that he co-wrote. (Well, ok, he contributed a chapter which isn’t quite the same thing)

Mike Elrick wrote a highly recommended post on standing as a candidate for the first elections to the Scottish Parliament.

And, finally, there always has to be some blogging navelgazing every week and Political Dissuasion helps us out there by asking that age old question – Why are there so few Labour blogs?


The roundup next week will be brought to us by the Blogfather himself Doctor Vee so get your nominations in. No need for fudged receipts or entries in brown envelopes, everything’s above board and transparent here in the Scottish blogosphere after all.


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