Where to get a Tan in Edinburgh and other Useful Holiday Tips.

Greetings from gloomy, wet and cold Adelaide. Yes we really do have winters in the Antipodes. Our kids struggle with cold weather and I am still working on the concept of putting on more clothes. The coldest weather for most of the year is in the frozen food section of the supermarket. At least we are getting some rain this winter. Sounds like things are warmer in Edinburgh with advice on spots for tanning being suggested by @andyhayes I’m sorry, but I thought the only place for a tan in Edinburgh was here. A quick search on twitter indicated that there were others who were getting the benefits of the sun. I remain sceptical.

Clearly this has been a big week in the homeland with lots of people pissed off with politics and politicians. Here in Australia, the big discussion has been complaints about our ultra geeky Prime Minister being too blokey with his “Fair Shake of the Sauce Bottle” quote, trotted out three times in one interview. Nobody really knows what it means. He was asked to translate it into Mandarin, which he politely declined. Clearly, judging from that, he and his government are sailing along nicely. Not perhaps as well as our UK counterpart if I am to believe what I read in the blogs this week.

I can remember being a student and unemployed in the UK in the late 70s when fascists had there day in the sun (set?). Similar grim economic times and a very unpopular leader. People lost faith in politicians. So what has changed? Not much, it seems.

Lots of more detailed analysis of the political events of the week as you may expect. For all the geeky psepholgists, all the Scottish numbers provided courtesy of the Lallands Peat Warrior. Will has some thoughts on it, debunking much of the major party spin. Amused Cynicsim announces the demise of First Past the Post . Alex Massie takes time out from twittering the darts to make the case for carry on carry on. Serious analysis also from Flying Rodent, who makes the case for tyrannical politickalcorrecknesses driving the BNP vote.

Caron takes an interesting look at the Scottish experience and how it relates to the overall picture. Duncan also has some good thoughts on how the SNP does nationalism. That said, so what? says Ideas in Civilisation. All in all however from far off, it all looks a hell of a lot more democratic than this one.

Taking a look at the big picture, Boxologies tidies up the strategic imperatives from Commander Mandelson and Gordo’s last true believers as election season kicks off for real. Better to get beaten down the road than smashed next month? Finally Comerade Kim Il Eugenides is so depressed, he has decided to temporarily move to another cold and miserable place to wait for the general election. Couldn’t be any worse? I used to visit Korea regularly. They have many Scottish traits, including a love of drinking until they fall over. What Scots could benefit from are the public hot and cold baths that many South Koreans use to face the working day after a heavy night.

Also considering jobs in a warmer climate are employees from a Scottish call centre, who have cynically been offered jobs in Manila , possibly one of the worst places in the world, to avoid redundancy pay outs. Get ready for some balut (makes haggis look palatable) and St Miquel beer boys. Not sure if they sell Tartan Special in the Philippines. Very sad and cynical. No expat packages there. Most of the overseas call centres for Australia are in India and the Phillppines and clearly I can look forward to some unexpected voices soon as my late credit card payments are chased up.

And then there is the recession in glamour football players, not! Barcelona had a majority of home grown players in their Champions League winning team this year. When Celtic won in 1967, all their players grew up within spitting distance of Parkhead. Likely the exceptions to the rule. Football, the peoples game?

And while we are talking about football, Australia made it into the Soccer World Cup (we have to add that here where football is footy and we wouldn’t want to confuse everyone. The governing body is called Football Federation Australia, but they govern soccer. Confused?. Now all we need is for Scotland to do their bit and join them in South Africa. Surely from where they are placed there has to be hope. Surely?

If you can’t get out during the day, at least make sure you don’t get run down coming home from the pub. If you do make it home, some of these would hit the spot.

Until the next time, goodnight from Adelaide.

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  1. Great roundup – and yes, I did manage to get a sun(burn)tan outside last weekend!

    By the way I’m @andrewghayes, not @andyhayes 😉

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