July 2009

Summer has set in with its usual severity…

Summer has set in with its usual severity. The stampeding cattle of politics have made haste to pastures new, while hotfooted journos goad their nags into lazy haste, in glib pursuit. For those left behind, without the warm exuberance of the nimble and sweet Tuscan air, the only consolation is to flagellate out their frustrations […]

No recess for the week – Ed.

Hello again! Holyrood is already in recess, Westminster is heading in that direction and many political bloggers are also taking a breather. Tom Harris went underground for a few days, Yousuf is off abroad and Andrew Burns is trying to “regain some semblance of normal family life”. There have been no political posts in the […]

Michael Jackson, and Scotland’s drained brains

Hello everyone, and welcome to this month’s NoPoScoBloRo. Do you ever type “June” when you mean “July”? For some reason, it is one of those bad keyboard tics that I unwittingly employ all the time. It has been the cause of a confusion that I only spotted yesterday. It’s it’s lucky that I did spot […]

The Stramash for Springburn

Hi folks! Just when you think you can turn your back on things for a time, events intervene and throw a curve ball at you. Which is why this week’s lead story has to be the Glasgow North East By-Election: a few days ago, there were two possible SNP candidates: BBC journalist David Kerr and […]

Summertime – and the blogging is easy

  Welcome to my first ever Roundup.  I was concerned that this week, being the first week of the Summer holidays, combined with a bit of actual Summer and Andy Murray doing so well at Wimbledon might mean a blogging drought, but, no, the Scottish blogosphere was full of its usual high quality wit and […]