Adrian Chiles is Satan’s Slave and Other Tales

Welcome to what is for me,  a particularly exciting round up. Why the excitement? Well the blogosphere has sent me a sign that I am not be alone in my loathing of Adrian Chiles. He is a man simply designed for slapping yet he peers from our televisions five nights a week and no one does anything. Please do take the time to read this splendid rant from Mr H  which actually deals with Chiles fairly quickly before getting to the chief source of his rage  -  a particularly offensive cover of Countryfile magazine.

On a calmer note The Ill Man strums his ukelele whilst wearing shorts. I have known the Ill Man for about fifteen years and I’ve never known him to make an exhibition of himself by wearing shorts. I suspect it’s a cry for help.

Elsewhere Dumbarton High Street  remains ‘vibrant’ and ‘interesting’. Do I detect despair behind the chuckles? If the state of Dumbarton High Street leaves you tired of the grind and aching to be far  away but the credit crunch has left you stranded try Biking The Great Divide and marvel at corners of the world free from running potato battles.

Another wonderful find is Scotland in the Gloaming. This and this are the  lucky nominees in this round up but please have a look through the whole blog for more breathtaking pictures taken all over Scotland. Staying with fine Scottish photography flickr-Scotland treat us to this dramatic image.

Islay blog treats us to some views of Islay from old Ordnance Survey maps. Pray that Mr Clairwil never finds out these maps are available online. He’s a pleasant chap but there are only so many times one can have ones street pointed out on a map before becoming a wreck living in terror of the phrase ‘shall I get the map?’ Don’t let that put you off reading Islay blog, it really is a fascinating post and I promise you, it won’t haunt you just waiting to hear the words ‘I’m not sure where that is’ before pouncing.

I’m afraid I  have lowered the tone somewhat over at my blog by posting not once but twice on matters related to sex. I don’t make a habit of it but sometimes events provoke a response. I shall endevour to find new topics for the rest of the month.

In light of what I learned during my research for the above posts I worry about this Edinburgh bike dolled up like a strumpet. Oh I know it’s just thinks ‘I’m worth it’ and ‘it’s the fashion’ but there are some funny folk out there. Stay safe bike -that’s all I’m saying.

Speaking of funny folk the mind boggles into what goes on in some parents minds as they redefine the word inappropriate using their own children.

Returning to more wholesame fare, a rather silly newspaper article causes Jay Jay’s mother to become alarmed. She has my sympathy. There is nothing worse than an alarmed mother. My life has been a living hell since mummy started taking the Daily Mail.  There is no reasoning with a mother who has read something in the papers, they’ll take the word of hack they’ve never met over their child every time. All one can do is keep a low profile until it blows over.

John Connell has some wise words on the subject of CCTV in the classroom. I don’t know if the modern child is a better behaved beastie than those of my generation but I can’t help but think that the presence of CCTV in the classrooms of my youth would have encouraged obscene gestures and showboating on a grand scale. Quite how that would ‘assist teacher training’ is beyond me.

Sticking with technology I’m not altogether sure what an HD box is, other than it’s something to do with telly. This chap seems to know his onions though so I’d ask him if you have any questions. I’d only palm you off with something I’d made up about magic and chips. It’d be bollocks and we’d all end up thinking less of each other afterwards.

Crying is nothing a quick skelp with a wet tea towel can’t sort but should the men be getting more practice in? I don’t mind a chap showing a bit of emotion as long as they don’t kick the arse out it. We don’t want men carrying on like those funny women who occasionally turn up at parties monopolise the bathroom for a tear fest.

Finally let me draw your attention to a chap who could be forgiven for crying, having decided to undergo a frightful ordeal for a good cause. Malc in the Burgh has embarked on a fundraiser for the MS Society Scotland and is going to run a marathon to loosen your pursestrings.  Give generously folks.

That’s all for this round up. Keep your eyes peeled for news of the BBQ and call back on Sunday for the political round up hosted by an as yet unconfirmed guest.

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