October 2009

Nick Griffin let loose on TV, and other surprises

What has happened to the blogosphere. Is everyone having a couple of weeks off or was that just me? Yes, it was just me. I come home from foreign shores and hit the blogosphere to find out that not only has Stephen Gately died, but that my postcards will be getting home two weeks behind […]

F—— of S—– in 20–

Hi folks! Holyrood might be in recess but there’s still been plenty to chew on this week, especially with the last of the Conferences taking place, as the SNP gather in Inverness. But the main thing that’s got people to their keyboards this week is the Trafigura affair, where libel lawyers Carter Ruck successfully took […]

Debate debates and constitutional conundra

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s roundup! There has been much debate about debates this week. The prospects of a televised debate between the political leaders in the run-up to the next General Election are increasing. With it has come grumbling from the SNP, who are threatening legal action if they do not have […]

Has the Sun set on new Labour?

Hi folks, this is my first time as a guest editor so please be gentle.  Here is my round up of what is making those in the MacBlogosphere tap away on the keyboards this week. The political conference season is now part way through with the TUC, Liberal Democrats and Labour having been and gone, […]