Has the Sun set on new Labour?

Hi folks, this is my first time as a guest editor so please be gentle.  Here is my round up of what is making those in the MacBlogosphere tap away on the keyboards this week.

The political conference season is now part way through with the TUC, Liberal Democrats and Labour having been and gone, the Conservatives has just begun and the SNP still to come.

It was decided by the media that Gordon Brown had to make the speech of his life at the Labour conference, Neil Craig has an interesting comparison between Gordon Brown and Sarah Palin.  Callum Cashley didn’t think Brown did as bad as (he) expected and Andrew Reeves (me) thought he pulled it out of the bag but filled it with Lib Dem policies.

Then Murdoch got involved and the Sun is once again supporting the Conservatives, although not in Scotland just yet, if at all.  Tom Harris is big enough to admit that losing their support is a blow to Labour and Jeff says Gordon Brown is now facing Operation Insurmountable whereas Stephen questions whether it is people who decide elections?  Will Patterson explains why this was a good day for the Daily Record and Malcolm says the song is the same.

Up in Aberdeenshire the Trump saga goes on and this week the vote on compulsory purchase orders didn’t go the way many expected.  Stephentells us about an article in Golf week with Trump not playing the game with a hattip to James.  The trouble with Donald is explained by James who also comments about Trump’s crumbling Scottish empire.

Friday was when Ireland went to the polls and as we all know now the YES vote won, Jeff explains why Lisbon is worse for Brown, not Cameron.

It was Cameron’s turn on the Andrew Marr show this morning, although there were no pill popping moments it wasn’t the best interview nor was Cameron good at answering any straight questions, here are just two of my favourite blog posts – Tom Harris on yes or no? Jeff is happy that Marr was equally aggressive with Cameron as he was with Brown.

Tom Harris has a view on the hurdles of an AV referendum while Yapping Yousuf explains if Keynes was weegie.

Callum Cashley thinks Strathclyde should ask the Orange Lodge for money to police the marches as they ask football clubs to police the fans while Caron explains where to get information on cervical cancer jabs following the tragic death of Natalie Morton, the 14 year old who died following a jab, although the jab has been ruled out as the cause of her death.

Subrosa explains the curse of Bute House (with some translation for us English folk) or why Salmond hasn’t paid his council tax.

Kez and Mr Eugenides both tell us about the political expansion of The Steamie from now until the general election where Kez, Caron, Jeff, James and Scottish Tory Boy will now be commenting on behalf of the five major parties in Scotland and how this is a good move.

Angry Steve has some comments about the new alcohol licensing legislation, BellGrove Belle talks about Labour slipping into third place behind the Lib Dems, while Andrew talks about the Tories only having two MPs after the election and Bill Cameron shares his thoughts on the SNP and homophobia.

Duncan gives us a perspective on freeview channels and the big re-tune.

The Big Dollop thinks he is being too simplistic about knife crime following the News of the World hustings with the four main candidates for Glasgow North East – Willie Bain, Eileen Baxendale, David Kerr and Ruth Davidson.

Sarah at Whoopdedoo has an amusing take on the Daily Mail story about the English showing passports at Scottish airports – it just had me howling out loud.

Finally, PJ has been outed by Caron and despite some excellent guest blog posts PJ is holding out on setting her own blog up, but  has set up an amazing website and while we have drifted a wee bit from politics Scotland in the gloaming has some amazing photos and as the best cartoon’s say – that’s all folks.

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