Nick Griffin let loose on TV, and other surprises

What has happened to the blogosphere. Is everyone having a couple of weeks off or was that just me?

Yes, it was just me. I come home from foreign shores and hit the blogosphere to find out that not only has Stephen Gately died, but that my postcards will be getting home two weeks behind me if I’m lucky and they’ve let the racists on the telly in the first time since Carol Thatcher got the boot from The One Show or they stopped letting Prince Philip near a microphone.

First off, the postal strike. Andrew blames the Scottish Government for adding the the Post Office’s woes.

As for Nick Griffin on Question Time there was no one post that said it all- you were ALL talking about it. Moridura does a post mortem on the show. Mr Eugenides agrees with Mathew Parris’s assertion that freedom of speech is more important than worrying about the repercussions of giving the BNP a primetime platform on Question Time. Big Rab over at The Ben Lomond Free Press was not impressed with either Nick Griffin OR the other panellists on this week’s Question Time either. The Big Dollop echoes the freedom of speech argument for Nick Griffin appearing on the show. I have lived my life by the theory that one should ALWAYS get the mature lady’s opinion on anything, as my mother will testify. Luckily Subrosa gives “the mature lady’s” point of view on Griffin’s QT appearance: But what about mature men, don’t they have a say? Yes they do. The Angry Old Man puts the blame for an increase in BNP’s support squarely at Labour’s door. They might as well take it, they’re to blame for everything else anyway. I suspect they are even behind those horrible Irish twins still being in X Factor, the gits.

Still, I should watch what I’m writing and so should you all, I may say. We’re all being thoroughly scrutinised according to The Jury Team.

Clairwil looks at plans to make Trafalgar Square in London more Islamic. Nelson never struck me as the kind of man that liked his ladies covered up. It’ll never happen.

Meanwhile, Sgniteerg looks at where he thinks we are now on the question of Scottish independence.

Some people were not watching Question Time or worrying about the state of things. Or at least if they were, they weren’t blogging about it. Author and writer’s guru Nicola Morgan is the Simon Cowell of authors (in my mind, anyway). She gladly gives free advice to aspiring authors, being a successful author herself, but she won’t pull her punches, so fragile egos should watch out. Here she fiendishly dissects a tirade from a Struggling Author.

I’m all for bursting into spontaneously bursting into song and dance like I’m in a Busby Berkeley musical, it’s what has made me such an interesting neighbour. But now, apparently if you whistle a merry tune at work, or burst into song in the street, the Performing Rights Society can fine you. What, even if it’s not by Cliff Richard? Pirate Party has the lowdown.

Mr Farty continues his long running series of Computer Terms illustrated. Surely a coffee table book is in the offing?

Jaggy looks at the Boy in the Balloon incident but from a perspective of Internet versus TV. It’s like Batman versus Superman. But who won?

Aye, the nights are fair drawing in, so they are. Cat over at The Cat Girl Speaks adds dark nights to her dread-list of the months to come, but gets treated at the shops to help ease the pain.

Where the Mountains Meet the Sea has some beautiful seasonal photos up to remind us all that dark nights may be the downside of Autumn but beautiful landscapes are the best aspect of this time of year.

Over at Doctor V’s place, Duncan is on the verge of starting a support group for motorsport fans.

That’s all for this week. But, before the hounds are released ….One thing I found when editing the blog round up is that many bloggers out there are too shy and self deprecating to nominate their own posts, but you should. Fill in that wee form over there and blow your own trumpet. One correspondent messaged me to say he’d like to nom his own stuff but “it’s not political”. So I feel it’s incumbent on me since I’ve got the keys to the Round-Up penthouse this evening to say- the Scottish Round Up now has no categories, we accept all types of blog nominations from political, to travel, to humour, to personal, to photographic, to fiction to whatever you want to blog about.

Happy blogging, people!

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