November 2009

Musical chairs at the end of blogging’s first decade

Duncan isn’t the only member of the Scottish Roundup team who’s been a little introspective recently. 2009 has been a bit of a milestone for me in many ways, so even if it hadn’t been for a good few changes in my own life (some positive, some negative, some negatives I’m determined to turn into […]

Blogging births, deaths and marriages

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s roundup. First of all, I’d like to point out that I am having some thoughts about the future of this website, and part of that involves experimenting a bit with the format. I have begun to feel that Scottish Roundup has gone for quantity too much over quality, […]

A bad spell for Gordon Brown

While the other part of this week’s Roundup focuses on the Glasgow North East by-election, there’s been no shortage of other topics to keep the MacBlogosphere talking this week, and as guest editor I’ve examined a few high and not so high profile issues in a little more detail, with the usual miscellany following. With […]

New MP born after long Labour

Labour’s decision to delay the date of the Glasgow North East by-election seemed to pay dividends in view of the party’s widely trailed victory, but the winning margin, the SNP’s failure to make inroads and the jostling of the other parties for the minor places still makes for an interesting post-vote analysis from Scottish bloggers. […]

The Springburn Stramash: Glasgow NE By-Election Special

Hi folks! After almost six months of waiting, we’re close to finding out who will be the next MP for Glasgow North East, and needless to say, it’s been the subject of much online chatter. Particularly over at The Steamie, where candidates themselves have been trying their hand at bloggery – or not, if some […]

The Macblogosphere round up, pull up a chair

Another week of some great blog posts across the Scottish blogosphere, covering the obvious topics such as the Glasgow North East by-election, MPs expenses and Remembrance Sunday but there are some obscure ones as well. So, pull up a chair, get a drink and enjoy. So, let us start as we should with Remembrance Sunday […]