Out with the old and in with the new…

This week has been a week of changes, proposed changes, beginnings and endings. When I agreed to edit this week’s Roundup I assumed that I would settle down to a large pile of opinions on the St. Andrew’s Day massacre of the UK constitution by Mr Salmond.

However, his desire to rewrite Britain’s unwritten constitution would appear to have taken second fiddle in the Scottish blogosphere to a level of concerned introspection over some bloggers and their departure from the online debate. As such I will deal with both issues and welcome some previously unseen bloggers who have appeared in the recent past.

There has even been a Scottish reshuffle, in case you missed it!

St. Andrew’s Day Massacre or A Date with Destiny?

Alex Salmond’s proposed referendum on the future constitutional status of Scotland was unquestionably the big political news of the week. Dean MacKinnon-Thomson suggests there may be some political manoeuvring on the part of the First Minister in comparing all the so-called ‘Unionist’ parties as ‘like Thatcher.’

SNP Tactical Voting identifies that perhaps there are outcomes to Alex Salmond’s strategy that are positive for the SNP. Namely that the other parties have found it difficult to find a clear response to his overt apparent reasonableness and that it is more position statement to achieve a consensus rather than immediate all-out independence. I find myself in partial agreement. For a really good round up, if a little biased, we have this recommendation from Bella Caledonia.

Yousuf, so I retain political balance, suggests that there may be a simple reason that Mr Salmond is proposing a referendum he knows he can’t win – to placate his own membership. And, he speculates that Alex may well have done a lot to protect the Union, by his actions, rather than break it up.

Why the rash of departures?

I’ll be honest I don’t personally get too excited about blogging introspection. But, there has been a lot of activity, or should that be inactivity, on the Scottish blogging scene this week.

The question appears to rotate around the point of whether blogging should, or should not, be anonymous. And what you can say as a consequence.

I remember an episode of ‘Yes Minister’ when Sir Humphrey described open government as, ‘we should tell the press anything they could easily find out for themselves.’ Anonymous blogging may protect people from reasonable invasion of privacy and external pressure but it should not be an excuse to voice opinions that you would not be happy to be linked to you personally, if ever it became clear that you were who you weren’t saying you are.

Thus the departures of blogs like Subrosa, commented on by Caron Lindsay and a more general over view from Stephen Glenn and Andrew Reeves suggest that there is some disappointment at the loss of a number of blogs.

Jeff at SNP Tactical Voting suggests that perhaps some of the criticism of blogging has gone a bit far. But, Yousuf offers a contrary view.

But if there are any of you out there still in mourning you can always read the last posting of Advanced Media Watch here!

And other news…

There have been a rash of suggested postings and blogs for this week so here are just a selection to cheer you all up!

Although not a new blog Slugs on the Refrigerator lends a new angle on life, Kat describing herself as an Iowan expat! Kat has quite a talent for photography.

Philosophical Zombie invokes Kenneth Clark (not the MP, but the former MP’s father) in his commentary on Scottish housing, “If I had to say which was telling the truth about society, a speech by a minister of housing or the actual buildings put up in his time, I should believe the buildings.”

For those with the nose and taste for whisky you can visit the page of master blender Richard Paterson who works at Whyte and Mackay, I wonder if that advert will rustle up a case for this week’s editor, we’ll see! You can actually stay for free at Jura Lodge if you play your cards right!

For those that prefer the peatier taste of Islay you can visit the Islay Blogging Roundup. It will come as little surprise to those that know Islay that this blog tends towards things natural and man made, both of which are affected by the sea air. Speaking of the sea Eric Joyce gives his thoughts on Trident, perhaps not as pleasant on the palette as Islay’s famous export.

And finally, for those that want a financial reason to stay as part of the Union you might want to consider this from Love and Garbage.

And if you got to the end of this posting, thanks for reading.

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  1. I know I’m being pedantic here but I kind of object to the title. 🙂 The old have opinions too and are entitled to be heard. Today’s young will soon be in the bracket ‘old’ and I sympathise with them.